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The subject of this article appeared before the Super Genesis Wave.

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Substitute Freedom Fighters
Form of Group and Statistics

Freedom Fighter group


3235 (disbanded 3237)

Resident location 

The Substitute Freedom Fighters also called the Substitue Legion were created after an incident involving the total capture of the core Knothole Freedom Fighters after falling into one of Dr. Ivo Robotnik's traps. They managed to rescue them and it was decided they needed a backup group and Larry Lynx was chosen to become the leader. After a handful of missions, the group was disbanded, with its members either retiring or moving on to other means of helping the people of Mobius.


Training and Formation[]

Prior to the group's official formation, the majority of its members—including Penelope, Dylan, Hamlin and Arlo—were trainees under the leadership of Sally Acorn. The trainees managed to uncover Robotnik's Auto Automaton's and destroy the majority of them. (PSM: #1, #2, #3)


Following this, the trainees assisted in stopping Sonic from defeating the Knothole Freedom Fighters after he was ridden with amnesia and convinced by Dr. Robotnik that the Freedom Fighters were the enemy. Weeks later, after the Knothole Freedom Fighters were captured and taken back to Robotropolis as prisoners by Combots, the Substitute Freedom Fighters helped Sonic rescue them before they were roboticized. (StH: #28, #38)

Not long after this, Substitute Freedom Fighters were officially formed as a support group with two new members—Larry Lynx and Cyril—after they successfully freed the Knothole Freedom Fighters from a bizarre prison in a video-game universe. (SLV)

After that, the Substitute Freedom Fighters, the Knothole Freedom Fighters and Rebel Underground helped reclaim the capital of Mobotropolis after Dr. Robotnik's death. Arlo was injured during the mission and left unable to continue with the group, which saw little action afterwards. (SSS: #2, CSE)


The Substitute Freedom Fighter group disbanded when three of its members - Penelope, Dylan and Hamlin - were elected as members of the Acorn Council, which was created in 3237 following a revolution led by Amadeus Prower. Both Cyril and Arlo had been forced into retirement, while Larry ended up joining the Secret Freedom Fighters. (StH: #178, #179, #180, CSE)

Background Information[]

  • Unlike the majority of the surviving Freedom Fighter groups, the Substitute Legion has largely broken up, with only one member-Larry Lynx-still acting as a Freedom Fighter, though as part of a different group.
  • Hamlin Pig, Dylan Porcupine, Penelope Platypus, and Arlo Armadillo are unuseable in the series in the Post-Super Genesis Wave Timeline due to being created by Ken Penders. Larry and Cyril were introduced by Angelo DeCesare, but will presumably not appear again due to Ian Flynn's plans to rebuild the comics universe rather than trying to salvage various elements from the Pre-Super Genesis Wave Timeline.