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You may be looking for the leader of the Yurashia Egg Army, Conquering Storm. You may also be looking for Storm Owl or Storm Eagle of the Mega Man X series.
Storm the Albatross
First Appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog #163

Biographical information




Physical description


  • Feathers: grey
  • Eyes: black
  • Tan gloves
  • Black, white and yellow sneakers
  • Necklace
Political Alignment and Abilities
Storm the Albatross is a hulking, grey albatross and the enforcer of the Babylon Rogues. Strong-armed and simple-minded, he serves as Jet the Hawk's right hand man and is usually at odds with his intellectually superior teammate, Wave the Swallow. Relying more on his brute strength, Storm is not the most skilled at riding Extreme Gear, but is still an adequate flyer while being able to match other physically fit opponents like Knuckles the Echidna.



At some point, the Rogues apparently encountered the Hooligans and Blaze the Cat while the latter was visiting Mobius. (SU: #55)


Storm is an imposing sight and powerful force, capable of destroying just about anything. Despite being committed to his duties, Storm has a very quick and fierce temper. He's somewhat simple-minded and easily insulted, though he does have rare moments of basic cleverness that come in handy. Storm is very loyal to Jet, and believes his loyalty is greater than anyone else's. Because of this, he is always ready for an assignment.


Storm is the strongest member of the Babylon Rogues, equal in raw might to Knuckles, but is stereotypically stupid. He, like the rest of his team, is a specialist at using Extreme Gear, and often uses his brute strength to knock down other racers.


Background information

  • Storm appeared on the cover of Sonic X: #15, where he appeared as an action figure equipped with his extreme gear. He also made a cameo appearance in issue 218 as a silhouette in Sand Blast City.
  • In SU: #33 and onward, Storm's nose holes would disappear in artwork for unknown reasons.
  • Storm finding Amy cute is somewhat similar to feelings exhibited by Sonic Underground bounty hunter Dingo towards Sonia the Hedgehog.
  • Storm is the only member of the Babylon Rogues not to have had any known counterparts from alternate Zones; Jet has two and Wave has one.
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