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Sticks the Badger
First Appearance

Sonic Boom #1

Biographical information



Mobian/Jungle Badger

Physical description


  • Height: 85cm
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Fur: Orange/Brown
  • Skin Color: Peach
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hairbands
  • Necklace strung with various objects
  • Grey tube top
  • Gold bracelets
  • Grey skirt with auburn rope belt
  • Tan, unmatched fur-skin boots
Political Alignment and Abilities

Team Sonic

  • Sharp boomerang skills
  • Weapon craftsmanship
  • High agility
  • Enhanced primal instincts
  • Hunting and survival skills
  • Proficient EnerBeam wielder

Sticks the Badger is a Mobian Jungle Badger native to the Sonic Boom Zone. A wacky wild girl who has spent most of her life living in the wilderness, she is now a trusted ally of Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends in their ongoing battles against Doctor Eggman. Most notably, Sticks is one of the few residents of her zone to have taken part in the multiverse-wide battle against the evil Sigma.


Shattered Crystal

Sticks entered a ravine for the purpose of "gettin' info from the rocks" where she was caught in a rockslide, but was saved by Sonic, Tails and Knuckles and Amy. Back on safe ground, Sticks told her friends that an underground army would rise and destroy them all, but was met with severe skepticism. Later on, Sticks teamed up with Sonic, Tails and Knuckles to track down and save Amy who had been kidnapped by Lyric and his robot army, who sought to use her archaeological knowledge to find a Lost Crystal of Power and seize unlimited power.(SB: SCDC)

Big Boy-Buster

Sticks doing...her thing.

While her friends were fighting Dr. Eggman, Sticks saw a "cyborg rock golem" rise up from underground beneath Tails' house and left with the whole house on top of it. In panic, Sticks hurried out and found Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy and told them that Tails' house had been "robbed". However, it was first when Sticks brought her friends to the former site of Tails' house that they understand what she meant and she explained what had happened to the house. While her friends tried to make a plan, Sticks found the Rock-cyborg's footprints and began following them while sniffing the grass out of enjoinment (which gave the others the impression that she had picked up the robot's scent). When she finally cleared up the misunderstanding though, she had lead the whole group to the Rock-cyborg. There, Sticks climbed up on the top of the Rock-cyborg to check Tails' gutters for "illegal wire taps" as Sonic was leading it into an ambush. There, she met Tails who told her to get to safety, but she believed she would be safer up here. As Amy and Knuckles crippled the Rock-cyborg, Sticks and Tails struck it from behind and made it fall, giving Sonic the chance to destroy it and bring Tails' house back on its foundation. With the battle over, Sticks was liking how the Rock-cyborg's remains adorned the surroundings.(SB: #1)

Not long after, Sticks faced Dr. Eggman's Big Boy mech with Sonic, Tails and Amy. During the battle, Knuckles attacked and trapped his own team, claiming he worked with Eggman now because he got tired of Amy criticizing him. Sticks however, got ahead of Knuckles and trapped herself in her own cage. Sticks and the other were then loaded into the Big Boy's cargo hold, where Knuckles revealed to them that he was faking being Eggman's ally to fool the doctor. Once Knuckles left to defeat Eggman (after Amy and Tails convinced him that his plan was brilliant despite its flaws), Sticks freed Sonic who in turn broke them out of the Big Boy as Knuckles made it retreat. Shortly after the team took care of Orbot and Cubot though, Sticks found Amy in a panic over having lost her Piko-Piko Hammer.(SB: #2)

Sticks, beside Tails and Knuckles watched as Amy sobbed into Sonic's scarf after losing her hammer during Eggman's attack. To put a stop to it, she kicks Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles out of the house to go search for it while she helps Amy find a replacement for it. Sticks lets her try out her arsenal, her boomerang and stick, but Amy fails to be able to control them. Eventually, Sonic finds the hammer and Sticks goes home to which she discovers something that's -- the "ultimate power." Later, Sticks brought this "ultimate power" to use against Eggman when the villain attacked the heroes with Big Boy, upgraded for the third and final time. Sticks announced that this power was grafted in "the era before time" to ensure "the light always drove back the darkness". After years of searching Sticks has finally found the single most powerful relic in the world...The Rock of Justice! Heroes and villain alike were unimpressed at the seemingly inanimate stone, and continued their battle, as Sticks continuously pleaded that they use the rock, to no avail. Frustrated at her friends ignorance, Sticks showed them all just what the stone could do: by hurling it at Big Boy and, in a quick series of miraculously timed events, the rock bounded all over the place, causing immense damage to Big Boy, bringing about its final, explosive destruction! Sticks hailed the powerful "Rock of Justice" in her hands as her friends looked on, flabbergasted, and Eggman fled, embarrassed at his latest defeat. As the heroes admitted that she was right all along, Sticks was then heartbroken to discover that the rock had used up all of its power. After mourning the loss of the fallen "hero", Sticks took the rock home and, after thanking it one last time, nonchelantly tossed it into her rock pile. (SB: #3, #4)

At the Races

Sticks, along with her friends, later attended the Egg-toberfest festival, which Eggman had thrown at his lair in order to gain the trust of Bygone Island's residents and take advantage of their false sense of security, where she helped out in stopping the impending robot attack that the doctor unleashed upon the festival-goers. (SB: #5)

Soon after, Sticks objected greatly to Sonic facing Eggman in the first ever Go-Kart Pan-Island Grand Prix, seeing the event as an obvious trap, even going so far as to predict that the karts would be rigged with bio-scanners and that Eggman's kart would transform into a mecha-dragon. The next day, Sticks witnessed Sonic and Eggman's road brawl from the spectators stand, completely unsurprised seeing that two of her predictions were spot-on (Eggman's kart changed into a spider instead of a dragon), and took the opportunity to join her friends in bringing down the mech. Attempting to attack Eggman face to face, Sticks was sent flying with a piece of debris when the mech eventually exploded, in which she crashed into a coconut tree in a nearby jungle, before landing next to a strange hole floating in mid-air, and was startled when somebody stepped out of it... (SB: #6, #7)

Cross-Dimensional Crazyness

Sticks meets the Maverick Hunters.

Sticks hastily retreated into the bushes as X, Zero and Axl of the Maverick Hunters walked onto the scene. Spying on these strange new visitors, she jumped into action when X suggested to his comrades that they ask around for some directions. Hurling her boomerang at Zero's head, Sticks appeared from the shadows declaring that she would not let them interrogate the defenseless villagers. After X explained calmly that they came in peace, Sticks decided to invite herself along on the robots' journey to bring down the diabolical evil who betrayed them and everything they stood for (Sticks guessed, much to the surprise her new allies). Taking a moment to grab Comedy Chimp and Fastidious Beaver (much to the their confusion) to create Team Sticks, the heroes set off to Dr. Eggman's base in search of a way to travel to different dimensions, where they encountered Orbot and Cubot. To avoid being trashed by a battle-hungry Zero, the duo complied with their demand for a gateway to other realities. After the lackys used a machine in Eggman's lab to open a portal, Sticks and her allies set off for the next step on their adventure. (SB : #8)

The group arrived on the scene at the very moment in which Sonic's World and Earth 20XX were being fused together as part of the evil Sigma's plans. Caught in the middle of the ensuing chaos, Sticks and her allies hooked up with the heroes of the fused worlds, the Knothole Freedom Fighters and the Robot Masters of Light Labs, to begin their eventual attack on Sigma and his forces. (MM: #50, SU: #77)


Sticks is paranoid, delusional and at times more than a little insane, something that unnerves friends and enemies alike. However, there is a definite method in much of her madness, and what sometimes appears to be one of her hair-brained ideas can in fact be a stroke of brilliance.


Sticks is a skilled jungle survivalist and an expert in combat with boomerangs, which she always has available.

Background Information

  • Sticks' design similarities to Marine the Raccoon led many to believe that she was in fact the Sonic Boom incarnation of that character, until it was revealed she was a new character

    Sticks in the animated series.

    altogether. In both the games and the series, Sticks was voiced by Nika Futterman.
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