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You may be looking for Spark Man or Spark Mandrill.

Sparky is a young dragon from Vesuvio. When Dulcy had returned to


Sparky is the young green dragon.

Vesuvio and unintentionally led Dr. Eggman to its location, his army of robotic dragons invaded. During the attack Dulcy saved Sparky from the a mecha-dragon and took him to safety. When Glint placed the blame on Dulcy for leading Eggman to their home he had Grendel chain her up while Sparky tried to defend her but to no avail. Later when Dulcy escaped and led a counter-attack against the mecha-dragons Sparky pointed out Dulcy's heroism to Glint who then realized that Dulcy was a noble dragon. At Dulcy's pardon, Sparky was the one to give Dulcy back her Black Singe Ring. (StH: #156)