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The subject of this article appeared after the Super Genesis Wave.
Current Continuity

Spagonia is a city located on the continent of Eurish. It is the location of the Spagonia University, were Professor Pickle teaches.


Sonic's first chronological visit to the city was during the period in which the Time Eater distorted space and time, in which he and his younger self passed through various locations from his past, present and future, including the soon-to-be visited Spagonia. (VG: SG)

Just before the Shattered World Crisis occurred, Professor Charles the Hedgehog and Ben Muttski traveled to the city to visit Professor Pickle at the Spagonia University and to show him a collection of samples of the mysterious purple gas that began leaking from the ground after a series of earthquakes. Not long after the world shattered however, Dr. Eggman and his forces raided the university and kidnapped the two professors, along with the samples and the Gaia Manuscripts. (StH: #257)

Background Information[]

  • Spagonia originates from the game Sonic Unleashed.