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This article is about the Space Colony ARK from the Prime Zone of the Post-Super Genesis Wave Timeline. For information about the ARK from 3437 P.X.E., see Space Colony ARK (P.X.E.).

Space Colony ARK is a space station and research facility in orbit around Sonic's World. It is notable for being the birthplace of Shadow the Hedgehog and home to the powerful Eclipse Cannon.


Gerald Robotnik and his granddaughter Maria Robotnik lived on the ARK for some time while Gerald worked on his Project Shadow, a bid to find a cure for Maria's Neuro-Immune Deficiency Syndrome or NIDS. When his own research into the secrets of immortality failed, Gerald made a deal with the evil Black Doom, who allowed Gerald to use his blood to develop Shadow in exchange for using Shadow as an agent during his scheduled invasion fifty years later. However, Gerald secretly prepared Shadow to save the planet from Black Doom and his kindred. Unfortunately, G.U.N. invaded Space Colony ARK and brought the project to an end, which later resulted in Gerald's execution. Years later Shadow-having been preserved in stasis-set out to bring all seven Chaos Emeralds to the ARK in order to avenge Gerald and Maria. The ARK began plummeting towards the planet, but Shadow was convinced to help save the planet in Maria's memory. He and Super Sonic then engaged the Biolizard after it attached itself to the outside of the station, and Super Shadow seemingly perished as a result. (SA2, ShH)

The ARK played a major role in the Black Arms invasion, with the Eclipse Cannon being used to destroy the Black Comet after Shadow faced Devil Doom. Later the New Black Comet was detected by G.U.N. using the ARK's sensors. Dr. Julian Snively also acquired some measure of control over the ARK as part of his buildup to Operation: Conquest. (SU: #59, #68, ShH)

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