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Southern Island is an island located in the home dimension of the Sol Emeralds. It's also home to Blaze the Cat, Marine the Raccoon, and a group of Mobian koala natives. It is a tropical island consisting of jungle areas, sandy beaches, and a small village where the population resides.


Search for the "Blue One"[]

Being haunted by dreams of the "Blue One” and another mysterious individual, Blaze the Cat left her home of Southern Island to seek out the recently-missing Sol Emeralds. After leaving for the Cosmic Interstate she encountered Sonic the Hedgehog in the Prime Zone only to be defeated and returned home. (StH: #160, #161, SU: #1)

Metal Sonic's Invasion[]

Some time later, Metal Sonic and Shadow the Hedgehog would appear in the Zone after being teleported there through Metal Sonic’s special Zone-jumping engine and Shadow’s Chaos Control. Metal Sonic then left the battle to go out and seek the Zone’s native version of Dr. Eggman only to stumble upon Southern Island. (SU: #1)

Upon arriving on Southern Island, Metal Sonic attacked the villagers, one of which being Tabby, and tore apart their community; demanding to know where the Zone’s Robotnik is located. The Ocean Tornado docked soon after with Blaze, Shadow, and Marine the Raccoon on board. Blaze at first suspected this to be the work of Captain Whisker only to be informed by a soldier that it was in fact Metal Sonic. She immediately attacked the robot, only to be taken by surprised and defeated. Shadow and even Marine then joined in on the fight to stop Metal Sonic, but also found themselves unsuccessful. It wasn’t until Shadow attempted to convince Metal Sonic to betray his programming that the robot let his guard down to the trio’s attacks and was destroyed by Marine’s cannon on the Ocean Tornado. (SU: #1) Afterward,Shadow assisted Blaze and Marine put out the fires and help clean up the island but was still frustrated that Metal Sonic was his only way home. Upon that mention, Blaze revealed her possession of a Chaos Emerald given to her by Sonic during a previous encounter and gave it to Shadow so she could return the favor. Shadow then used his Chaos Control on the emerald and teleported back to the Prime Zone; leaving Southern Island and the entire Zone in the hands of Blaze and Marine. (SU: #1)


  • Whale Point
  • Plant Kingdom
  • Machine Labyrinth
  • Coral Cave
  • Bizzard Peaks

Background Information[]

  • Southern Island was a location found in "Sonic Rush Adventure" for the Nintendo DS and would act as a sort of hub world for the player. Similarities between the comic version of the island and the game version would be that it was the home and base of operations for Blaze, Marine, and the Coconut Crew as well as its tropical appearance. The player was giving the opportunity to complete optional missions and unlock decorations; letting the player change the cosmetic appearance of the island. The final battle of the game itself was also located on Southern Island.
    • In the games, the small village is given the name Windmill Village. Thus, it'll be counted as tire 2 canon.
  • Southern Island is also a possible refrence to the classic video game location of South Island; which appeared in the original 1991 "Sonic the Hedgehog" Sega Genesis video game. Coincidentally, South Island was never featured in the comics unlike Southern Island. It is possible that South Island is the Mobian Prime counterpart of Southern Island.
  • Southern Island appears to have its own mid-summer festival, as was mentioned by Marine when she used its fireworks, in vain, to distract Captain Metal and his crew. (SU: #55)
  • In the first issue that the Sol Zone first appeared, the writers did not have enough information on the game, thus Seagull Beach and Southern Island got mixed to form Seagull Island. (StH: #180)