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Wolf & Cat

The Soumerca Dark Egg Legion.

The Soumerca Dark Egg Legion is an enforcement group under the control of the Eggman Empire composed of former members of both the newly reformed Wolf Pack Nation and the ancient Felidae of the Mysterious Cat Country.


Bad Neighbors[]

Princess Sally discovered this chapter while investigating the disappearance of the Ancient Onyx, an artifact sacred to both peoples the chapter's members originally belonged to. Given their activities at a time of such tension between the two groups, she quickly deduced that they were planning on instigating a war in Soumerca. She was then set upon by Drago Wolf and Razorklaw, joint Grandmasters of the chapter and former members of the two societies in whose territory they were operating. After briefly resisting capture, she surrendered and was taken into the chapter's base of operations in the Mystic Ruins, a region that neither the Felidae or Wolves would enter due to ancient taboo and the borders of the other. (StH: #213)

While captive of the two Grandmasters, Sally was able to goad Drago into sharing information about the group. He had joined the Eggman Empire after leaving the Destructix, and upon being outfitted with implants was made a Grandmaster along with Razorklaw. For his part, Razorklaw had been a Felidae warrior, but had been exiled after losing a fight to the Guardian Locke over a year previously. He and others of his kind so treated had then joined up with Dr. Eggman when he came into the region seeking allies. They were subsequently joined by Wolf Pack members who had gone missing after the mass De-Roboticization of Mobius' inhabitants and remained unaccounted for after the formation of the Wolf Pack Nation. The group was then attacked by Wolves and Felidae, who had been led there by Sonic after he had deduced where a hostile party might be hiding. After the details of their membership were exposed to their enemies, the Legionnaires were defeated by the combined force, whilst the Grandmasters met defeat at the hands of both Sonic and Big the Cat. They subsequently retreated to a secret bunker, while their enemies allowed them to retreat. (StH: #214, SU: #15)

Setting up shop in the Lost Temple of Shazamazon, the Legion continued its efforts to expand Eggman's hold on the region. Their mission was redoubled after they received a false message informing them of Eggman's death, only for the two Grandmasters to be summoned to the Death Egg Mark 2 by the very much alive Eggman. Before returning them and their compatriots to their respective territories, Eggman also ordered them to search for the missing blue Chaos Emerald. Unfortunately, the antagonism of both the Felidae and Wolf Pack hampered the Legion's efforts, and their base was unprepared for the Death Egg's arrival. In order to allow them freedom to work, Eggman dispatched Mecha Sally to capture Grand Chief Lupe and Queen Hathor, knowing that the two societies would blame each other for the disappearance of their monarch. Fortunately, Team Fighters arrived shortly thereafter, and together with members of the Wolf Pack managed to rescue the two rulers and avert a potential war between the Felidae and Wolf Pack. (StH: #237, #238, SU: #37)

Known Members[]

  • Drago Wolf (Grandmaster)
  • Razorklaw (Grandmaster)
  • An unnamed Wolf known to have had some bad romantic history with Leeta and Lyco of the Wolf Pack Freedom Fighters.


  • Laser Rifles: Standard equipment for legionnaires, a potent energy weapon capable of taking down even the strongest of Mobians in sufficient numbers.
  • Implants: All members of the Dark Egg Legion have parts of their bodies replaced with mechanical implants, increasing their strength and giving them new abilities. The extent of individual legionnaire cybernetics is currently unknown, but seems to vary between individuals.
  • Robots: According to Lupe, a number of Eggman Empire robots were present in the region of Soumerca when the Wolf Pack Nation returned to its ancestral lands there. While this was taken by Sonic as evidence of the Legion's presence, no robots were subsequently seen.

Background Information[]

  • The Soumerca Dark Egg Legion was the first chapter to be introduced with a mixed membership-all previous chapters had been composed of a single race, whereas the Soumerca chapter is made up of members of two.
  • The Soumerca chapter was also the only Legion to have two Grandmasters instead of one, both of whom were disgraced outcasts from their native peoples.
  • A female Cat Legionnaire was seen in SU #37 being antagonized by Drago. While it was never confirmed, some fans are of the opinion that this was the long-missing Hershey St. John in disguise.
  • Like the Efrika Dark Egg Legion, the Soumerca Dark Egg Legion was replaced by an Egg Army following the Super Genesis Wave, and is not known to retain any of its previous membership. This is likely due to the Felidae and Drago being characters created by former head writer Ken Penders.


Like the Echidna and Platypus chapters, the rank-and-file members of the Soumerca Legion wear long black cloaks that mostly obscure their bodies. However, members of this Legion typically have their muzzles visible-at least somewhat-from underneath their hoods. Members often have holes in their hoods to accommodate their ears as well.