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Sonic X Sonic
Sonic the Hedgehog
Biographical information
Physical description
  • Red and white shoes with gold buckles
  • White gloves
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Super speed
Notable Super Forms

Super Sonic


Sonic the Hedgehog, in the alternate reality of the Sonic X Zone, was transported along with his friends, by Chaos Control, from their home planet to an alternate planet Earth. Lost and alone in this new world, he was saved from drowning in a pool by 12-year old Chris Thorndyke, and the kind youngster allowed the heroes to take refuge at his mansion home as they defended their new residence from the evil plots of Dr. Eggman.


Early Adventures[]

Sonic's early adventures began as he raced Sam Speed and won. A day later, he fended off Ben-728 Packratbot from robbing a back. A week later, the President gave Sonic a mission: to go to Captain Seamus "Red Eye" McGuffin's ship to retrieve a energy signal that may be a Chaos Emerald. Later that mission, Sonic, Topaz, and Rouge were attacked by a shark then by Dr. Eggman's Dragonbots. Luckily with a little help of Knuckles (and with help of Captain Red-Eye himself) defeated the dragonbots but found no Chaos Emerald. Another week later, Sonic went on to rescue Cream's chao friend Cheese. During that, Bokkun delivered items to Sam Speed, the president, Topaz, and Chris' teacher Mr. Stewart. After rescuing Cheese, Chris went on a field trip to Station Square Space Museum (which was set up by Dr. Oeuf-Homme A.K.A. Dr. Eggman). When there (with Sonic, Tails, and Amy and Chris's class) were ambushed by Eggman's robots. The same time sonic was rescuing Chris friend's Daniel and Francine, Eggaman pushed a button which activated Sam, Topaz, the President, Mr. Stuart, and Chris to trapped in robots. After Sonic rescued the two kids, he came face to face with a robot that had Chris inside. The robot was about to launched missiles at Sonic, but he managed to aim it somewhere else: Angel Island. Once the missiles hit Angel Island, Knuckles went down to help. When Chris managed to break free, Cheese helped the president escape. Once then, Sonic and the gang helped everyone else break free, Eggman made a hefty escape, and the day was saved again. (SX: #1, #2, #3, #4)

Chao Crisis[]

After Sonic saved a spotted owl from a forest fire, Eggman began selling clones of Cheese. There was only one thing they did: once Eggman sent a signal to the chaos, there transformed into devil chaos and started to destroy the town.During the battle, Knuckles, Tikal, Chaos, and a army of chaos.Then Eggman showed up with a giant robot (which was quickly defeated by Chaos' good version of Perfect Chaos), after that Sonic began turning all of Eggman's chaos normal with a counter signal. Once after that, Tikal, an Chaos took all the chaos (except Cheese) to the Master Emerald. (SX: #5, #6)

Desert operations[]

Wanting to spite Rouge and Topaz, Captain Westwood (G.U.N. captain) is given an assignment of a device buried in the desert and plans to bring Sonic to help him make him the top agent again. As Sonic is planning on Chris' birthday party, Captain Westwood pays him a visit and forces him to help him with an operation by lying that the President ordered him to come. Sonic goes after being persuaded by Chris and manages to uncover a robot. Impressed by their discovery, Captain Westwood tries to persuade Sonic to join him, but the robot activates and attacks the two. Sonic uses a shovel and manages to destroy its circuits. Captain Westwood then asks him to join G.U.N. because of his idea to bring him along. Realising that he has been betrayed, he leaves back to the Thorndyke Manor to prepare for the party. (SX: #7)

Trouble in Paris[]

After Chris' birthday party in Paris, Nelson Thorndyke was going to show his company's creation: a space shuttle. During the invention's preview, Dr.Eggman, Decoe, Bocoe, and Bokkuun were planning to steal the shuttle, with Topaz and Rouge were making sure that Eggman wasn't in Paris. Once the space shuttle was shown, giant robots were attacking the crowd. Eggman flees into a house of mirrors, with Sonic cornering him not noticing Emerl about to destroy him. Another robot stomps through the roof and Sonic defeats the robots. After the battle one robot survived but was damaged (even though no one touched except the other robot). But everyone was distracted, Eggman went off with the shuttle. (SX: #8, #9)

Eggman's Virtual Scheme[]

After Vector, Espio, and Charmy left mysteriously to their world, Sonic found himself in Green Hill Zone (which was created by Eggman). Sonic began rescuing his friends one by one, while Chris and Chuck Thorndyke were looking for their missing friends. Once they reached the final level, Eggman began the countdown for his old base (which Sonic and the gang were trapped in) to the moon (also with the rocket that he stole). Once Chris and Chuck rescued Sonic then rescued everybody before they were sent to the moon. (SX: #10, #11)

Thrown in Prison[]

After Dr. Eggman was thrown in prison, Sonic began hanging out with the speed team while Tails and Captain Westwood began fixing and controlling a space pod. But the pod was out of control and attacking the city. Once they figured out who was in the pod, Sonic and Tails were taken in to custody. Captain Westwood had framed Sonic and Tails of working with Eggman and attacking Station Square. After that Sonic and Tails were taken to prison and shared a cell with Dr. Eggman. Chuck Thorndyke called his son and he asked the President if he could drop the charges against Sonic and Tails. After this Sonic and Tails went to a private island were Chris and Cream were having trouble and needed help in order to help their mothers'. Once Sonic put a strange talisman on the sun side and put by a castle (were they first found it) and the ghost returned to their resting place. (SX: #12, #13, #14)

Holiday Madness[]

Just when Christmas was around the block, Chris told the gang about how Santa Claus brings gifts to all the good boys and girls around the world. Eggman dressed up like Santa Claus and told the world that he wanted Sonic for Christmas or no gifts. Luckily, Chuck Thorndyke cleared Sonic's named and exposed Eggman's plot. During Valentines Day, after losing a bet to Knuckles, Sonic was forced to take Amy on a date. Though Sonic didn't know what to do so he to the Chaotix Detective Agency (who had mysteriously arrived back to Earth) and asked what to do on the date. During the date, Eggman, Decoe, Bocoe, and Bokkun tried to ruin the date but failed. During St. Patrick's Day, Eggman began looking for the two leprechauns that he saw (which were just a green Cheese and Bokkun). Before Eggman could destroy Sonic, Chris pointed out that leprechauns live at the end of the rainbow and saved Sonic's life. (SX: #15, #16, #17)

Busting the fake Rouge[]

One night, Rouge the Bat had been sited stealing a gem stone from the Station Sqaure Museum. This led to rumors that she has turned rogue. After watching the news report on the issue, Sonic remembers back to when Shadow the Hedgehog was pretending to be him, and begins to wonder if something similar is happening to Rouge. Once the fake Rouge was discovered, rouge quickly destroyed her duplicate but Eggman got away. (SX: #18)

Encounter with S.O.N.I.C.X[]

Later on, Sonic met a organization that wanted to get rid of Sonic. Once they revealed themselves as S.O.N.I.C.X., Sonic began laughing because they were his fan club. Sonic escaped the shadowy organization for another day. Then one day, a bunch of multicolored hedgehogs were causing trouble in station square, but it was reveled that S.O.N.I.C.X. had made the clones. In order to get rid of the clones, Sonic raced the hedgehogs to Eggman's base (which destroyed them). Once Sonic went to Prison Island where he faced off one more clone but was destroyed by its creators. (SX: #23, #25)


Sonic appears with Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Chuck and Chris on television to show off their skills to Station Square. Sonic begins to brag about his skills, and tries to take the attention away from the others. After he shows off his skills, it is downloaded into Dr. Eggman's robot. He sends the robot after them and Sonic tries to destroy it without the others help, but fails to do so. He eventually gives up and asks Tails, Knuckles and Amy to help him. They manage to destroy the robot and Sonic apologizes for trying to hog all of the attention. (SX: #24)

El Gran Gordo[]

When Dr. Eggman disguised himself as El Gran Gordo, Sonic tried to convince Chris that he was Dr. Eggman. Chris not believing this because he believes that El Gran Gordo is a hero. Sonic challenges El Gran Gordo to a wrestling match, while being trained by Knuckles. Dr. Eggman using his mini robots has the advantage at the beginning, but Sonic quickly defeats him. Dr. Eggman still in disguises begs Sonic not to unmask him and he would stop his evil ways. Sonic not wanting to disappoint Chris with El Gran Gordo being unmasked accepts Dr. Eggman's offer. (SX: #26)

Soon after, Bokkun went on a sugar rampage and became a evil villain during one of El Gran Gordo's wrestling matches. Sonic came to the rescue told earlier by Bocoe and destroyed two robots sent along with Bokkun. Dr. Eggman unmasked himself in front of everyone to stop Bokkun. As Sonic distracted Bokkun, Dr. Eggman calculated what to do and landed on him. Bokkun quickly crashed from the sugar rush. Sonic becomes enemies again with Dr. Eggman and Dr. Eggman used a discarded head of the robot to fly away. Sonic grabbed the mask that Dr. Eggman was wearing and puts it over his face, asking the reader "Should I try being El Rapido Azule?", but then throws the mask away saying "I would never do that to you!". (SX: #27)

Eggman's Environment Project[]

When Dr. Eggman unleashed his 3 'green-bots', Sonic, Tails and Amy tried to destroy them. One of the green-bots managed to steal a Chaos Emerald from the X-Tornado and Sonic, Tails and Amy followed them to Angel Island. Knuckles joined them, but the green-bots proved too powerful. Gathering the Chaos Emeralds with the Master Emerald, the green-bots joined with Chaos to transform him into Perfect Chaos. (SX: #28)

Dr. Eggman commanded Perfect Chaos, with a controller, to attack Station Square; leaving Sonic, Tails, Amy and Knuckles trapped on Angel Island. Chris and Chuck arrived with the Tornado and set off to Station Square. Sonic jumped out of the plane asking Perfect Chaos to give them some help. Perfect Chaos spat out the Chaos Emeralds and Sonic transformed into Super Sonic. After an intense fight, Super Sonic grabbed Dr. Eggman's controller and destroyed it. Perfect Chaos himself again sent Dr. Eggman's Egg Mobile flying, and Super Sonic charged into Perfect Chaos getting rid of the green-bots shell. Super Sonic transformed back to Sonic and Chaos headed back to the Master Emerald. (SX: #29)

The Return of El Gran Gordo[]

Dr. Eggman soon dreamed of becoming a wrestler again after being challenged by Andes the Ginomous. Dr. Eggman sent Bokkun in a Dr. Eggman disguise to commit crimes, as Dr. Eggman went to fight the wrestler as El Gran Gordo. Sonic followed Bokkun on his 'crime' spree, robbing minor places. Sonic unmasked Bokkun, but didn't stop him from getting away. Dr. Eggman as El Gran Gordo later appeared at the Thorndyke Mansion asking for Sonic's help. (SX: #31)

Bokkun still in his Dr. Eggman disguise stopped El Gran Gordo from returning to his base, and wanted Sonic's help to 'take down Eggman'. Sonic agreed as long as Dr. Eggman stopped being El Gran Gordo. Sonic was forced to disguise himself as El Rapido Azule to help Dr. Eggman stop Bokkun. Having no success invading the base (ending up with Sonic being squashed by Eggman), Sonic ran up the exterior while holding Dr. Eggman. Sonic unable to fight in his disguise against Bocue and Decoe's robots, Dr. Eggman unmasks himself and stops them from attacking. Dr. Eggman and Sonic find Bokkun in a machine, and Sonic is blasted by the machine's laser. Sonic disguise destroyed, Sonic attempts to take out the machine, but is unable. Sonic gets Dr. Eggman to tell him the weakness of the machine and uses an underground system to take down Bokkun. (SX: #32)


Dr. Eggman plans to use a beam to get the mind of the President, but is stopped by Sonic. As the beam fires, Sonic and Dr. Eggman are both caught by it and swap minds. Sonic in Dr. Eggman's body tries to keep calm and go over what happened. Meanwhile, Dr.Eggman in Sonic's body is enjoying the relaxation, until Tails tells him that Hector Dragg from S.O.N.I.C.X. has kidnapped the President. Dr. Eggman uses Sonic's speed to save the President, but continues to crash into objects. Sonic seeing the news report of Sonic and the kidnap of the President uses the Egg Mobile to save his body. Both Sonic and Eggman attempt to save the President, then Decoe, Bocue and Bokkun realize that Sonic's in Dr. Eggman's body. Sonic uses a spare beam and fires it at Dr. Eggman; the blast crashes the car holding the President hostage. Sonic back to himself is thanked by the President, as Dr. Eggman is taken back by his robots for questioning. (SX: #37)


Vector had accidentally swallowed a chemical created by S.O.N.I.C.X. that was meant for Sonic. The chemical made Vector grow exponentially and, after interrogating a scientist, Espio told Sonic that he knew of a cure. Sonic then went with him to a pharmacy while Charmy was tricked by the scientist. Espio told Sonic that it was penicillin, and that it was discovered by Greek ninjas, though Sonic doubted this. Vector later ate the penicillin and was cured. (SX: #38, #39)

Visitors from the Prime Zone[]

On a quiet day, Sonic played tea with Cream. Just as Vanilla thanked Sonic for playing with her, Shadow the Hedgehog and Metal Sonic blasted into the zone right on top of the table. After Metal Sonic went in search of Dr. Eggman, Sonic showed Shadow around the town and informed him that their zone's Shadow had died. Sonic then introduced Shadow to the Chaotix Detective Agency, Chris and his friends, and Sam Speed. Shadow later left the zone with Metal Sonic before Sonic questioned if Eggman wanted to fight. He flew away, and afterwards, Sonic met his friends and told Chris that Shadow was gone. They said said that they would move on to the next adventure. (SX: #40)


Like much of the other versions of Sonic the Hedgehog, he has super speed. He also can take in a energy ring to make him faster and more powerful. Also when in contact with the seven Chaos Emeralds is able to activate his super from.


Sonic's personality in this universe is quite similar to his Prime Counterpart's. The main difference is that this Sonic is shown to enjoy being solitary and is more hyperactive then his Prime Counterpart. He is also shown to have slightly more control of his temper then his Prime Counterpart's.