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You may be looking for Sonic the Hedgehog from the Mobius Prime universe, or Sonic (future version) from the alternate future Mobius.

King Sonic
King Sonic Maurice Hedgehog
Biographical information

47 (Born on day 162, 3220)

Sonic is biologically 46 (as of M:30YL) due to his time in space
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Olgilvie Maurice Hedgehog
  • King of Mobius
Physical description
  • Light weight, hyper friction resistant red shoes
  • white gloves
  • Crown
  • Red cape
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Super speed
  • Spin Dash
  • Ability to understand alien languages
  • Leadership Skills
  • Diplomatic Experience
You were born and raised to be a queen! But me? I thrive on action, fast moves and adventure! Listening to everyone rag and making decisions just isn't my bag!

–Sonic to his wife, StH: #136

King Sonic the Hedgehog was the ruler of a possible future version of Mobius, husband to Queen Sally Acorn and father of Princess Sonia and Prince Manik. When a crisis occurred that threatened to destroy all of Mobius, King Sonic traveled back in time to fix it and save his planet, but it cost him his family and Mobius was then ruled by King Shadow until he dethroned him with the help of Tails, Knuckles and Lara-Su and later remarried Queen Sally, leading them to have two children once again. Following Shadow's return at the end of Five Years of Peace, Sonic became the leader of the Future Freedom Fighters.


Prior Events[]

Prior to the space/time continuum crisis, Sonic was involved in the final battle with Dr. Eggman, and was responsible for stopping Chaos Knuckles from utterly transforming Mobius by using the Nullifier device on him. Some time afterwards, he married Sally Acorn and became King of the Kingdom of Acorn. (StH: #138, #140)

25 Years Later (Unaltered)[]

At the time when the space/time continuum of Mobius began to unravel (due to Sonic's zone-hopping years), Sonic was facing something of a midlife crisis. His days as a hero behind him, Sonic found that his life was not what he wanted it to be, with the exception of his relationships with his wife Sally and his children Sonia and Manik. He and Knuckles had become increasingly antagonistic towards each other, to the point where they didn't even want to speak to one another. Despite this, Sonic agreed to bring his family on a trip to Angel Island, where Knuckles, Rotor, and Cobar quickly briefed him on the danger to Mobius. Faced with possibly having to evacuate Mobius, Sonic chose to enter Eggman's old Tachyon Chamber in order to travel back and try to solve the problem. However, his support team lost contact with him as he was transporting, and history was irrevocably altered... (StH: #137, #138, #139, #140, #141, #142, #143, #144)

25 Years Later (Altered)[]

Upon using the Tachyon Chamber in the previous timeline, King Sonic was sent back twenty-five years in the past to restore stability to the Zone by healing the temporal wounds. While he restored existence, he forever altered the status quo of his timeline. (StH: #144, #166)

Because everyone located in close proximity of the Tachyon Chamber would carry memories over to the new timeline, King Sonic would fully recall his previous existence as well. This would prove to take an extreme mental toll on the former king who was now forced to live on the slums knowing now that his children, Sonia and Manik are erased from existence. His former wife, Queen Sally had also married the oppressive King Shadow who was now head of the kingdom. (StH: #166)

Sonic would soon be found by Tails and Lara-Su, who were looking for his assistance on combating Shadow’s tyranny. Sonic would immediately reconcile with Tails and join the duo, hoping to restore his life to what it was like in the previous timeline. But before any of them could act, they were all placed under arrest by Knuckles who was now King Shadow's chief enforcer. (StH: #166)

Sonic, Tails, and Lara-Su would be locked up in King Shadow’s cell, along with the tortured and battered Rotor. Chief Enforcer Knuckles would arrive to reveal it was all a plan to betray King Shadow and he released the four prisoners. Sonic and Knuckles would then proceed to go take on King Shadow himself. (StH: #167)

Upon arriving in Shadow's royal chambers, Knuckles would escort Queen Sally away leaving Sonic to battle the king. Yet the battle was short as Shadow was immortal and hasn’t grown physically older; he would use his physical prowess against the aged Sonic. Yet Lara-Su would appear and interrupt the battle, claiming she was more physically on par with Shadow. King Shadow was more evenly matched and both would call on their Chaos powers to battle. Yet, Lara-Su would overcome by freezing Shadow in time with a powerful Chaos Control, effectively defeating and overthrowing the king. (StH: #167)

Sonic would then reconcile his relationship with Queen Sally; who claimed she was never in love with Shadow, but feared his power was potentially dangerous to Mobius and married him in an attempt to tame him. The two would recall their past love and agreed to move forward where they left off. The once again King Sonic would then bring up the ideas of children to Sally. (StH: #167)

Five Years Later...[]

Five years after Shadow's defeat, Sonic has restarted his family with Sally and his two children Manik and Sonia. The day before the celebration of his five year rule, he watched a documentary on the "Five Years of Peace" with his family. Sally gave Sonic a shoulder rub, noting that he's very tense. Sonic then stated that, while he can save the world no sweat, speaking in public sends his stomach into loops and twirls. When the children get excited that Lara-Su is babysitting them, Sonic is seen upset, obviously remembering the previous life he had in the original timeline. The next day, Sonic attended the celebration of the Five Years of Peace, when a missile is launched at him, putting the rest of the Royal Family in danger as well. The missile was destroyed, however, by Silver the Hedgehog, who then accompanied the royal family home to speak with Sonic about a betrayal in Sonic's time that would destroy Silver's own time 170 years in the future. (SU: #5, #6)

The two quickly entered into discussions, trying to determine who might be the cause of such a catastrophe. The Dark Presence quickly brought an end to their talks by invading Castle Mobius and their spy Misty-Re knocking Silver out before being knocked out by Sonic. Telling Sally and their children to get into a safe room with Silver, Sonic bid them goodbye and rushed out, quickly picking up Lara-Su, Melody Prower and Skye Prower. With the Dark Presence in control, Sonic and the others followed Lara-Su's advice to make contact with Argyle the Crocodile, son of Vector the Crocodile. The younger Mobian received Sonic and his team warmly, dismissing any mention of inconvenience to himself. Additionally (and to Sonic's delight), he revealed that he had other guests-namely Jacques D'Coolette and his sister Belle-who had arrived on Angel Island to hear the celebration speech and whom he had contacted following Lara-Su's call. Forming the Future Freedom Fighters from these young recruits, Sonic led them against Castle Mobius, joining Belle and Jacques in a head on assault-only to be met by the monstrous Tikhaos, whom Shadow had released and evolved into Perfect Tikhaos. (SU: #6, #7)

Sonic Jacques and Belle

Sonic, Jacques, and Belle taking the "direct approach."

Sonic was confused about Tikhaos, as he claimed, he "wrote himself out of the timeline". Sonic went underground to rescue the Royal Family and Silver, putting Lara-Su in charge. He quickly found them in the remains of the Panic Room and carried Sally out while Silver flew and his kids hopped on debris just like he did. His children then reminded him of how he defeated Perfect Chaos back when he was "young", and suggested hitting the brain. King Sonic tried, only to receive a blast of energy from Tikhaos's eyes for his trouble. Sonia and Manik then took his place and successfully defeated Perfect Tikhaos, allowing Lara-Su to use the Tikal's Prayer spell. After informing Silver he did not recall of a traitor within the Freedom Fighters and assuring him the planet would be safe under the guard of the Future Freedom Fighters and the Chaotix, King Sonic watched Silver leave and then went to join his friends, family and team-mates. (SU: #8)


King Sonic

King Sonic

Though similar to Sonic Prime in personality, King Sonic has a number of distinctions brought on by age and experience. In the original timeline, he suffered from a lack of confidence due to having not been raised for the duties of royalty. This problem became something of a midlife crisis for him, making him at times irritable and uncertain. The altered timeline finds him suffering from feelings of failure and nostalgia for the original timeline, the result of the differences between the two which he remembers. In both timelines, despite his uncertainties, he remains a devoted monarch and family man. Indeed, if anything he treasures his family more in the second future, having lost them once and realized how much they truly meant to him.


King Sonic still retains his super speed, his trademark Spin Dash, and understanding of alien languages. However, he isn't as strong as he used to be due in part to his age. Due to ruling over the Kingdom of Acorn, he became a strong leader, a skill he uses when he leads the Future Freedom Fighters.

Background information[]

  • Though King Sonic is 25/30 years older in this time, his actual physical appearance doesn't really look any different from his present day age (the sole exception being the addition of a few wrinkles around the corner of his eyes in the 30 Years Later arc). However, it's been shown that he isn't as strong as he used to be, because of his age. This is shown in StH: #167 where he was not powerful enough to hold off King Shadow like he was in his youth.
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