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The stories in this issue take place at various points in the Worlds Unite story arc-see below for specifics.
Sonic the Hedgehog: Worlds Unite Battles
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Sonic the Hedgehog: Worlds Unite Battles is one of two one-shot issues of the Worlds Unite Battles sub-series released as part of the Sonic/Mega Man Worlds Unite crossover.


Official Solicitation[]

ALL-NEW DIRECT MARKET-EXCLUSIVE special! There are so many epic battles in the SONIC/MEGA MAN crossover event that the biggest brawls of the bunch have exploded into their very own book! Twelve issues just isn’t enough to contain all the frantic action of “Worlds Unite!” The action spills over into this second special stand-alone issue where an all-star cast of creators bring you an extraordinary all-action issue! Watch as Sonic battles the Deadly Six, Knuckles throws down with Break Man, and Sticks… goes after Roll?! LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE! Also featuring variant cover art from Roger and Idalia Robinson, and a special wrap-around sketch variant by Sonic and Mega Man superstars Evan Stanley & Jamal Peppers!

Story One[]

Sonic the Hedgehog vs. Three of the Armored Deadly Six!
This story takes place during Sonic Universe #76.

Sonic is traveling through the Green Hill Zone when a Genesis Portal opens in front of him to admit a hand clutching a black rose, which turns out to belong to Zor. He is then joined by his teammates Zavok and Zeena, and the trio launch a devastating attack against the blue Hedgehog.

Story Two[]

Sticks vs. Roll
This story takes place during Sonic Universe #77.

Responding to an anonymous note referring to her as "Red," Roll grabs her trusty broom and heads to the Sky Patrol's simulator training room. Upon arriving, she finds that Sticks the Badger has taken control of the simulator and created a gauntlet for her to fight her way through. Sticks launches a missile that Roll manages to deflect and accuses her of being a traitor, something that leaves Roll completely confused.

Story Three[]

Knuckles vs. Break Man
This story takes place between page 1 and page 5 of Sonic the Hedgehog #274.

Knuckles is attacked by Break Man, whom he tries to dissuade from attacking him, only to be informed that "You don't have a choice. Neither do I." Recognizing that although Break Man's body is being controlled by the Deadly Six, he can still speak, Knuckles suggests that they come up with a plan. Break Man decides that the key may lie in his nuclear power core, which-if detonated at a safe distance-might be able to turn the tide in favor of Knuckles' allies.

Key Events[]

  • While preparing to attack the Lost Hex, a misunderstanding leads to a fight between Sticks and Roll.
    • Sticks thought Roll's broom was working for Sigma because it looked like it had angry eyes, and this battle ended in a draw.
  • Additionally, the details of Sonic's battle with Zavok, Zeena and Zor of the Deadly Six, and Knuckles' battle with the Deadly Six-controlled Break Man are revealed.
    • After going through Genesis Portals leading to Station Square and an abandoned Eggman junkyard, the trio of Zeti won their battle by surrounding Sonic with tons of Badnik pieces.
    • Knuckles won his battle by beating Break Man senseless.


  • Knuckles: Look...smashing robots isn't exactly my day job, but I'd definitely list it as a hobby. I don't want to do this.
  • Break Man: You don't have a choice. Neither do I.

Background Information[]

  • The third variant cover was only obtainable through Nerdblock's monthly mystery box service. This marks the first time a variant cover could only be obtained through means other than comic stores or conventions.

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