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Sonic X Sonic

The Sonic X Zone's version of Sonic.

The Sonic X Zone is a parallel zone where the events of the Archie Sonic X comic series take place. In this zone, Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends are transported from their unnamed home planet, to modern day Planet Earth via Chaos Control. They meet and befriend a young human boy named Chris Thorndyke, and take refuge at his home with him and his family. Every so often, Dr. Eggman tries to cause havoc over the city of Station Square, in his plans to take over the world, and Sonic and the gang set out to stop him whenever that happens.


Background Information[]

  • This universe is the setting of the entire Sonic X anime series.
  • The name of the alternate planet which Sonic and the rest originate from was never mentioned in the anime nor the comics, leading many fans to call it "Mobius" for simplicity's sake.