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Sonic Super Special Magazine
Publication Details


Production Staff
Cover Artist
  • Lamar Wells
  • Tracy Yardley!
  • Steven Butler
  • Patrick Spaziante
  • Ian Flynn
  • Angelo Decesare (reprinted material)
  • Jamal Peppers (reprinted material)
  • Tracy Yardley! (reprinted material)
  • Dave Manek (reprinted material)
  • Art Mawhinney (reprinted material)

Archie Comics

First Appearances
Only Appearance

Sonic Super Special Magazine 7 is the seventh issue of the Sonic Super Special Magazine comic series.



Reprinted Stories[]

  • "Sonic Generations" (StH: #230)
  • "Unburying the Hatchet" (FCBD: #1)
  • "Uncle Chuck's Treasure" (StH: #7)
  • "Sorceress in Distress" (StH: #7)
  • "Tails' Taste of Power" (StH: #14)
  • "Steel-Belted Sally" (StH: #29)

Background Information[]


The original cover shown for Sonic Super Special Magazine Issue 7

  • This is the first issue to feature a fan art page.
  • In the original solicit for the issue, an alternate, almost entirely different cover was originally used. The artwork was instead used as a bonus pin-up in the issue itself and as an advertisement for the Sonic Comic App on the back cover. The only part of the artwork that was retained for the actual cover was the artwork of Sonic.
  • On the contents page, the description used for the FCBD story "Unburying the Hatchet" has absolutely no relation to what the actual story is about. In fact, the events described sound a lot more like that of "Meet Me at the Corner of Hedgehog and Vine" from issue 1. The reason behind this is unknown.
    • Additionally, the recap before the story strongly implies that a story from the earlier days (possibly the one mentioned above) was originally intended to appear in its place, judging by how the recap refers to the storyline of the comics early days, which is no longer relevant to the modern day story that appeared, and how the fun fact at the bottom talks about Sally's changing of fur color in the early issues, a fact which is also completely irrelevant to the featured story.