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Tracy Yardley!


Ian Flynn

  • Tracy Yardley! (reprinted material)
  • Jamal Peppers (reprinted material)
  • Ben Bates (reprinted material)

Archie Comics

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Sonic Super Special Magazine 6 is the sixth issue of the Sonic Super Special Magazine Comic Series.


Official Solicitation[]

This month the Sonic Super Special Magazine really packs a punch! The first ever Sonic comic magazine in Archie history returns with over 100 pages of comics, news, and features, with a special spotlight on Sonic and Knuckles! Pack up for a journey to the east, return to the mysterious Angel Island, and do battle with Mammoth Mogul alongside the Chaotix, available for the first time in one place in this deluxe, magazine-sized, quarterly collection!

Reprinted Stories[]

  • "Devotion" (StH: #201)
  • "Friend in Deed Part 1" (StH: #203)
  • "Friend in Deed Part 2" (StH: #204)
  • "Iron Dominion Part 2" (StH: #209)
  • The first twelve pages of "Journey to the East: Part 1" (SU: #13)
  • "Thicker than Water Part 1" (StH: #217)
  • "Thicker than Water Part 2" (StH: #218)
  • "Hindsight" (StH: #218)
  • "A Timely Arrival" (StH: #12)

Bonus Features[]

Background Information[]

  • The area Sonic and Knuckles are in on the cover resembles "Rail Canyon" from "Sonic Heroes".
  • Although the official solicits, in-book previews, and original cover stated that the magazine would include parts of Return to Angel Island and other Chaotix-related stories, the released version of the magazine instead included selections from the Iron Dominion saga. This was most likely due to the issue being released at the hight of the Ken Penders legal case, as most Chaotix-related stories were either written by Penders, or included characters of his that were under dispute at the time.
  • In addition, the stories featured in the issue were subject to numerous edits to remove lines of dialogue or, in one case, an entire page featuring the disputed characters or concepts.
    • Oddly, despite these changes, the final installment of the Mobius Timeline (which depicted several disputed characters) was left unedited.

Reprint Edits[]

The vast majority of the edits that occurred to the stories in the issue were due to the Ken Penders case:

  • In "Iron Dominion: Part 2", the entire ninth page, in which Lien-Da appeared, was removed. On page 10, the second half of her line, as continued from the previous page, is also removed.
  • The final page of "Thicker Than Water: Part 2", which featured Alicia Acorn and a mention of Geoffrey St. John, was removed.
  • In "Hindsight", Snively's mention of the Dark Egg Legion is changed to simply "your (Eggman's) army".
    • Oddly, despite this edit, all mentions of the DEL throughout "Thicker Than Water" are left intact.
  • Unrelated to the Penders case, the opening pages of "Iron Dominion: Part 2" and both parts of "Thicker Than Water" had their original "Welcome to the planet Mobius" headings changed to the currently used "Welcome to Sonic's comic book adventures" headings. The reason for this change is unknown, considering this change would never be made again in subsiquent issues.
    • Oddly, the "planet Mobius" heading for "Journey to the East: Part 1" is left unchanged.