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Sonic Super Special Magazine
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Publishing Company 

Archie Comics

Production Staff
Cover Artist
  • SEGA
  • Tracey Yardley!
  • Ian Flynn
  • Tracy Yardley! (reprinted material)
  • Jennifer Hernandez
  • Evan Stanley (reprinted material)
  • Tracy Yardley! (Reprinted material)
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Sonic Super Special Magazine Issue 10 is the tenth issue of Archie's Sonic Super Special Magazine comic series.



Dash along with Sonic on another all-new story featuring the world of the hit SEGA iOS game: Sonic Dash! The Sonic Super Special Magazine gives you the world of Sonic the Hedgehog comics as you've never seen it before, with tons of comic stories, special features and exclusive articles on the latest and greatest in the world of everyone's favorite blue hedgehog-hero! Along with the all-new Sonic Dash mini-feature, this issue also features a special spotlight on Shadow the Hedgehog, and what place he and Team Dark have in the new Sonic comic universe!

Story One[]

"Sonic Dash"

Sonic is running through Seaside Hill on the hunt for Red Rings, happy that he has nobody to slow him down.  Along comes Tails, offering to help, followed by Knuckles, who's in a competitive mood, and finally Amy, love-struck as usual; Sonic isn't happy that his alone-time has been interrupted. Amy leans in for a kiss, causing Sonic to trip up on a fallen tree. He regains his pace alongside Knuckles, who takes the opportunity to push Sonic into a totem pole. After regaining his bearings, Sonic takes a running start, narrowly avoiding being trapped in Amy's hug. He dashes along, outrunning Tails and Knuckles, and shoots off the side of a cliff where a red ring floats nearby.  After he grabs the ring, the four of them land back on the track.  Sonic gives in, allowing his friends to join him, but only on one condition: they have to keep up!

Reprinted Stories[]

  • "At All Costs: Part 1" (StH: #247)
  • "At All Costs: Part 2" (StH: #252)
  • First five pages of "Babylon Rising Part 1: Remembrance" (SU: #33)
  • "I Am" (StH: #171)
  • "Living Weapons" (SU: #1)

Background Information[]

  • This is the second issue of the magazine to feature a new story.
  • The letters drops the first hint of the eventual Sonic Boom comic series.
  • The reprinting of "Babylon Rising: Part 1" was printed to promote the now-cancelled softcover release of Best of Sonic the Hedgehog: Villains graphic novel. The book was originally set for release around the same time as this issue, but ended up being delayed for half a year, before it's cancellation.
  • Considering Sonic and friends are already familiar with Red Rings in "Sonic Dash", this indicates the story takes place at some point after the Shattered World Crisis, as the Red Rings are not formerly introduced in-canon until Sonic Universe #71.

Reprint History[]

"Sonic Dash" was reprinted in:


  • The canonicity of this story is debateable. Assuming it takes place in the main Archieverse, it would likely have occurred sometime after the events of "Spark of Life" (SU: #71-#74), as Sonic and friends are aware of the Red Rings.