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Sonic Super Digest
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Archie Comics

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Sonic Super Digest Issue 8 is the eighth issue in the Sonic Super Digest series.


Official Solicitation[]

Sonic Super Digest returns with an all-new story continuing the hit Sonic Origins mini-feature! Sonic the Hedgehog has many friends, but few are as brave, stalwart or had as much growth as Antoine D'Coolette! Learn how this skittish swordsman crossed paths with Sonic and the Freedom Fighters as only Sonic Super Digest can tell it! Then, continue the fun with more classic adventures from the Sonic comic library! Featuring an all-new GC cover from Sonic superstar Rafa Knight!

Story One[]

Sonic Comic Origins—Little Lost Soldier

In the mockup of the Lava Powerhouse, Antoine D'Coolette confronts the Robo-Boiler as he begins to reminisce about his past...

As a child, his father sent him to Mobotropolis to train to be a soldier, telling his son to always be brave. However, things would not look so kindly towards him as by the time he arrived, Dr. Eggman initiated his coup on the kingdom, forcing him to run away with the others to Knothole Village. Not wanting to be seen as a major coward, he decided to put on a loud and pompous act, which ended up with him being overshadowed by relative newcomer Sonic. Even his romantic advances towards Princess Sally were met with failure! However, Antoine found inspiration with someone else - Bunnie Rabbot, who struggled everyday to try to live normally with her new robotic appendages. Through Bunnie, Antoine became braver, especially after Bunnie admitted to Antoine that his real strength with facing down his fears, not just "being brave".

It was that bravery that ultimately lead to him proposing to her and becoming even closer than before...

Antoine's reminincing is cut off by Sally's arrival, spooking him badly. Recovering, Antoine lets Sally know that Bunnie's nearby. At Sally's command, the two swordsmen charge off to link up with Bunnie.

Reprinted Stories[]

  • Twan with the Wind (StH: #10)
  • Sonic Riders: Part 1 (StH: #163)
  • Sonic Riders: Part 2 (StH: #164)
  • Trouble in Paradise: Part 1—No Rest for the Weary (SU: #17)
  • Trouble in Paradise: Part 2—The Honeymoon's Over (SU: #18)
  • Antoine's Vein Refraim (StH: #4)
  • Bunnie's Worst Nightmare (StH: #37)
  • Fragile (StH: #232)
  • Vol-Ant-Teer (StH: #23)
  • Bugged Bunny! (SB)
  • Hedgehog Day (StH: #167)

Key Events[]

  • Antoine's past in the Post-SGW world is revealed:
    • He came to Mobotropolis as part of an Apprentice exchange program in hopes of being as brave as his father, but was too scared to fight off Dr. Eggman's forces during his coup d'etat.
    • He tried wooing Sally Acorn, just like he did in the old world, but she didn't show any signs of falling for him, and after seeing how cool and brave Sonic was, he felt ashamed that in comparison, he was cowardly.
    • Eventually, he saw Bunnie trying to walk on her new robotic limbs, and deciding not to give up, the two joined the Freedom Fighters.
    • Eventually, just like in the old world, after growing closer and closer, Antoine and Bunnie married.

Background Information[]

  • This issues free digital comic offer: Sonic the Hedgehog #160.
  • As a child in the new continuity, Bunnie wore bows on her ears and possessed her SatAM cybernetics. The bows are also a SatAM nod, worn by a younger Bunnie in the two-parter "Blast to the Past."