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Sonic Super Digest
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Publishing Company 

Archie Comics

Production Staff
Cover Artist

Lamar Wells

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Sonic Super Digest Issue 4 is the fourth issue of the Sonic Super Digest comic series.


Reprinted Stories[]

  • "Genesis: Part 2 - Friends and Fate" (StH: #227)
  • "Genesis: Part 3 - Divide and Conquer" (StH: #228)
  • "Time & Again" (SU: #2)
  • "Birthday Bash: Part 1 - Giving and Receiving" (StH: #160)
  • "Birthday Bash: Part 2 - Birthday Boys" (StH: #161)
  • "Cry Freedom!" (StH: #236)
  • "Leader of the Band" (StH: #236)

Background Information[]

  • According to the original solicit, this issue was set to feature a spotlight on the heroes reletives, something the actual issue never included. Additionally, the preview shown at the end of the previous issue stated that stories involving Tommy Turtle would be included, which also never came to be.
  • On the cover, Sonic is running through Starlight Carnival, a level from the game Sonic Colors.