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Sonic Super Digest
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Archie Comics

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Cover Artist

Tracy Yardley!

Cover Colorist

Matt Herms

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Sonic Super Digest Issue 2 is the second issue of the Sonic Super Digest comic series.


Reprinted Stories[]

  • "Crash of the Titans" (SvK)
  • "Invaders from Beyond" (StH: #191)
  • "Don't Let the Island Hit You on the Way Down!" (SMM)
  • "Mogul Rising" - Part 1 ("Needful Things") (StH: #185)
  • "Mogul Rising" - Part 2 ("Devils Due") (StH: #186)
  • "Patience" (StH: #136)
  • "The Map" (SSS: #1)
  • "Time for a Comeback" (SSSM: #3)

Bonus Features[]

  • A Super Welcome!: an introduction and look at what's coming up in this issue.
  • Professor Pickles Nature Notebook: Professor Pickle and his assistant Cucumber study the many animals of Mobius. This issue: the Echidna.
  • Team Chaotix: a spotlight on Knuckles and the Chaotix.
  • Global Gateway: Wentos the Traveling Salesman and his Chao puppet take a look at Mobius' many locations. This issue: Knuckles floating home, Angel Island.
  • Endless Arcade: accompanying the story "Time for a Comeback", Sonic Super Digest takes a look at the digitally released game Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II.

Background Information[]

  • On an earlier version of the cover, a ring featuring Knuckles appeared below the Chaotix. According to Jon Gray, this was removed simply to make room for the barcode. This removed art was instead used as interior art on the "Nature Notebook" segment.
  • After just two issues, this one would end up being the last to feature most of the bonus features. Specifically the introduction and index pages, Nature Notebook, Global Gateway, and Endless Arcade. The specially-made data files would make their final appearance in the next issue.
  • Like Sonic Super Special Magazine #6 released weeks before, the content of this issue has recieved a noticable overhaul due to the particularly delicate part of the Archie v. Ken Penders legal case going on at that point. Original solicits promised the last two parts of the "Return to Angel Island" arc being included (with the first two parts initially set to appear in the aforementioned Super Special) but was cut. The stories included where those that didn't feature Ken Penders characters (conspicuous considering two of his characters are major Chaotix members). Additionally, Knuckles character profile seemed as if it where reworded to imply that Knuckles had never met his people, the profile on the Chaotix makes no mention of Julie-Su and Saffron, and a map of Angel Island refers to certain locations in vague terms, for example, the ruins of Echidnaopolis are labeled as simply "City Ruins".
    • Ironically, despite all these legal omissions and alterations, the issue still includes the story "Invaders from Beyond", starring Shade and the Nocturnus Clan: a group of characters who were caught up in a semi-related legal case with Ken Penders for allegedly being too similar from Ken's characters.