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SSD 13
Sonic Super Digest
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Archie Comics

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Sonic Super Digest Issue 13 is the thirteenth issue in the Sonic Super Digest series.


Reprinted Stories[]

  • Spark of Life: Part 1 (SU: #71)
  • The first ten pages of Hammer-Spaced (SB: #3)
  • Total Eclipse: Part 4 - Last Resort (SU: #70)
  • Champions: Part 1 - The Gang's All Here (StH: #268)
  • Champions: Part 2 - Climbing the Brackets (StH: #269)
  • Ambushed: Part 2 (StH: #267)

Background Information[]

  • This is the first issue not to reprint any stories from the Pre-Super Genesis Wave Timeline.
  • This marks the first instance in a Super Digest issue where an originally full story has been divided over multiple issues. In this case, only the first half of the Sonic Boom #3 story "Hammer-Spaced" was printed, with the second half appearing in the next issue.