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Sonic Digest -12
Sonic Super Digest
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Date Published 

June 10, 2015

Publishing Company 

Archie Comics

Production Staff
Assistant Editor
  • Vincent Lovallo
Editor in Chief
  • Victor Gorelick
  • Mike Pellerito
  • Jon Goldwater
Special Thanks

to Eddie Mizuno and Stacy Arnold-Strider at SEGA Licensing

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Sonic Super Digest Issue 12 is the twelfth issue in the Sonic Super Digest series.


Official Solicitation[]

Get ready for fun & adventure—it’s Sonic Super Digest! As the Sonic/Mega Man WORLDS UNITE crossover reaches a fever pitch, see how it all began with a look back at Worlds Collide, the story that started it all, in a special Sonic/Mega Man spotlight feature! Also in this issue is an ALL-NEW edition of SONIC COMIC ORIGINS spotlighting the insidious G.U.N scientist (and villain?!)SNIVELY! This new story fills in some crucial and never-before-revealed gaps in the new Sonic comic universe, and you can ONLY scope this exclusive new story in Sonic super Digest! But that's not all! Don't miss all the classic fun and adventure you love in stories from the comics' 20+ year history! Plus new cover art from Sonic comic super-star Jamal Peppers!

Story One[]

Sonic Comic Origins: "The Traitor"

Within GUN headquarters, Madonna Garnet attempts to interrogate Dr. Julian Snively over the incident in Angel Island. Snively is adamant in his loyalty towards GUN as Madonna starts a tape. We find out that Snively was indeed an inventor within the group, though that's one of the few truths within the lies he spreads. He claims that Eggman coerced him into working with him; he did so willingly. He claims Dr. Eggman was the one who lied about the United Federation trying to invade Mobotropolis; it was Snively who did so. He claimed that he was an unwilling follower of Eggman and Walter Naugus and that it was too late to save King Acorn from being tossed into the Special Zone; he stood there and waved goodbye. He claimed to have been forced to build Eggman's bases, including the Chemical Plant Zone and the Death Egg; it was another thing he willingly did.

He talks about how a young Sonic the Hedgehog stopped Eggman's plans, inspired the creation of the Freedom Fighters and, as Super Sonic destroyed the Death Egg. When questioned as to why he didn't immediately come back to GUN, he said that it was because he had to keep Eggman's armies in check before he could find the perfect time to do so; in reality, he hid within an Egg Robo body and used a Mecha Sonic to try to steal the Master Emerald.

Annoyed by this, Madonna ends the interrogation and reports to Abraham Tower, revealing that she still can't catch him in a lie. Tower is non-plussed - "Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer", and he's planning to keep him in a spot where he's very close.

Reprinted Stories[]

  • When Worlds Collide: Part 1- Kindred Spirits (MM: #24)
  • Treasure Team Tango: Part 3- The Llevada (SU: #23)
  • Treasure Team Tango: Part 4- The Parada (SU: #24)
  • Total Eclipse: Part 3- Shadow Boxing (SU: #69)
  • Ambushed: Part 1 (StH: #266)

Key Events[]

  • Snively's past in the Post SGW-World is revealed.
    • He joined G.U.N.'s development and research team and bumped into Dr. Eggman, who was a worker in G.U.N., and was "forced" to serve him as his mechanic.
    • Eggman partnered with Naugus in order to overthrow the Kingdom of Acorn, by deceiving the king into thinking the United Federation was plotting against him. Snively claims that he continued to stay loyal to Eggman in attempt to spy on his plans and report back to King Acorn and G.U.N., but in actuality he was willing to watch as everything happened.
    • Snively aided in the construction in various Eggman bases and was present for Sonic's final battle within the Final Zone in the original game.
    • Snively hid within an Egg Robo and attempted to steal the Master Emerald from Knuckles with the aid of Mecha Sonic (who in the Post-SGW is a separate being from Sonic rather than his roboticized form), but that backfired.
  • It's also revealed that in the Post-SGW World:

Background Information[]

  • This is the first Super Digest to involve Mega Man in some capacity, reprinting Worlds Collide.
  • While Madonna Garnet is based off of Madonna, the initially-created human girlfriend for Sonic during pre-production of Sonic the Hedgehog for the SEGA Genesis, she also has characteristics of Topaz from the Sonic X anime.
    • Her last name also appears to be a homage to Mary Garnet, the fictional author and wife of the unnamed fighter-pilot from the Sonic's Origin Story published during early development.
  • The comic confirms a number of things:
    • Sonic's victory over Eggman in Sonic the Hedgehog for the Sega Genesis inspired the creation of the Freedom Fighters.
    • Snively was involved in Knuckles' story in Sonic 3 & Knuckles.
    • SWATbots were used as part of Eggman's Badnik Horde.
  • Throughout The Traitor, Eggman is only seen in silhouette.


  • In the flashback showing the Final Zone, Sonic is clearly shown in his "modern" appearance instead of his "classic" one.
  • In the flashback of the Knothole Freedom Fighters running through the Emerald Hill Zone, Sally is still wearing her green royal attire from when she was growing up in Mobotropolis. However, it was later revealed in StH#288 that Sally had already changed into her "classic" outfit by this point.