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Sonic Select
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March 5, 2013

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Archie Comics

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Sonic Select Book 7 is the seventh book of the Sonic Select graphic novel series of reprints. It collects all three issues of the Princess Sally Miniseries, as well as other Sally-related stories.




  • "Deadliest of the Species: Prologue" (StH: #20)
  • "Deadliest of the Species: Part 1" (PSM: #1)
  • "Deadliest of the Species: Part 2" (PSM: #2)
  • "Deadliest of the Species: Part 3" (PSM: #3)
  • "My Special Friend" (KtE: #29)
  • Pages 4-17 of "The World Can Wait" (StH: #222)

Special Features[]

Background Information[]

  • When the book was first announced, a slightly different cover was released which featured Geoffrey St. John in place of Espio. It's believed Geoffrey's exclusion from the cover was due to the then ongoing Archie/Penders case, which had reached its hight at the time.

    The original cover

    • Espio's inclusion on the cover is odd, considering his only presence within the book is via a mention in the recap before "The World Can Wait".


  • For some reason, the cover artwork of KtE#29 renumbers the issue as #26. Despite this change, the issue is still listed as #29 on the contents page.