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Sonic Man
Sonic Man
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Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily



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Sonic the Hedgehog

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Sonic Man was a Roboticized version of Sonic the Hedgehog, who was upgraded using technology from the future of Earth 20XX that transformed him into the latest of the Roboticized Masters.


Worlds Collide[]

Mecha Sonic Envision

Eggman's envisioned version of Mecha Sonic.

In the altered reality created by his and Dr. Albert W. Wily's use of the Genesis Wave, Dr. Eggman envisioned a version of Mecha Sonic who would serve him alongside Mecha Sally once the Super Genesis Wave rewrote all of reality. (StH: #251)

Two Worlds United, Two Heroes Corrupted[]

While searching the Green Hill Zone for the final Chaos Emerald needed to restore his world, Sonic was ambushed by three mind-controlled members of the Deadly Six acting on the orders of Sigma-1. He was then brought to Dr. Eggman's base on the Lost Hex, which Sigma had commandeered, and imprisoned alongside Mega Man, the two of them being brought there at the suggestion of Eggman and his companion in slavery to Sigma, Dr. Albert W. Wily. Sonic was then transformed into Sonic Man and sent to attack Mega City while Mega Man became M'egga Man and was sent to attack Mobotropolis. Unbeknownst to Sigma, the pair had been programmed to attack each other on sight, which would restore them to their previous heroic states. (SU: #76; SB: #8)

Sonic Man fights Robot Masters

Sonic Man fights the Robot Masters.

Sonic Man made short work of the Light Robot Masters, his special abilities proving too much for the non-combat designed machines. In particular, Time Man's Time Slow ability failed to slow him down enough to allow the Robot Masters to do any real damage. However, before he could set up one of the Unity Engines that Sigma sent to him through a Genesis Portal, he was attacked by new enemies: several of Wily's Robot Masters who had been reprogrammed by Dr. Light and Quake Woman. Even these nine robots failed to stop Sonic Man, who might have destroyed them had it not been for the arrival of Break Man. Unfortunately, even the prototype of all Robot Masters was unable to defeat Sonic Man, who used the Unity Engine's protective field as a weapon against his latest adversary. The engine then began working with its twin on Mobius to merge the two worlds together, leading to the fated confrontation between Sonic Man and M'egga Man. (StH: #273; WUB: MM)


Sonic Man and M'egga Man battled each other as their respective worlds began merging, each proving a formidable match for the other. Eventually, their attacks acted in the manner that Eggman and Wily intended, restoring each Roboticized Master to their previous, heroic persona. (MM: #50)


Sonic Man has a weapon copy ability, similar to Mega Man's, and seems to have built-in weapons. So far, the known abilities are Fire Dasher, Thunder Dasher, Spin Dasher, Ring Launcher, Energy Shield, and Spin Slash. Fire Dasher was copied from Fire Man, and seemingly modified by Sonic Man. It shoots fire out of his Mega Buster, but in a spinning formation, similar to Sonic's Spin Dash. Thunder Dasher, copied from Elec Man, shoots lightning in the same manner. Spin Dasher shoots out a blast of blue energy that looks identical to the Spin Dash, similar to Mega Man's Spin Dash Blast. Ring Launcher, which seems to be built in, shoots rings in similar design to Power Rings. These rings can be used to bind his captives and incapacitate his victims. Energy Shield is just what it sounds like; a spherical force field of golden energy. Spin Slash is just like a Spin Dash, but with the added silver blade-like spikes protruding from Sonic Man's body. Additional arsenal include the Homing Shot an energy blast which homes in on their target, and the Spring Shield, which deflects blows and then shoots out to send enemies flying.

Along with M'egga Man, Sonic Man is arguably the most powerful of the Roboticized Masters: he single-handedly defeated eighteen Robot Masters, including the prototype, Break Man, even after the latter took him by surprise. He appears to retain his normal self's capacity for improvising, as shown by how he knocked Break Man into the Unity Engine's shield to defeat him. His counterpart, M'egga Man, is his only equal in combat. He is also revealed by Dr. Wily to have been equipped with a processor similar to Quick Man's in order to account for his incredible speed.


Sonic Man-0

Sonic Man retains Sonic's normal color scheme and sports his normal design, with a few added design choices. Among these, Sonic Man now has a Mega Buster on his right arm, his chest is now made up of four horizontal 'plate armor-like' segments the same color as Sonic's skin, and Sonic's eyes now sport a color scheme similar to Metal Sonic's. He now has a golden symbol across his head, in what appears to be a "W" shape, this is probably a Dr. Wily reference, and he also has Robot Master styled boots and shoulder pads.

Background Information[]

  • Both the Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man video games have previously featured characters named Sonic Man. The Mega Man version was featured in the non-canon PC Mega Man game, while the Sonic variant appeared in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) as a Human who wore a Sonic hat and claimed to be Sonic.
  • Sonic Man's Spin Slash appears to be based off of a move from the cancelled video game Sonic X-Treme.