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Sonic In Your Face
Sonic In Your Face
Publication Details
Date Published 

October 1994

Publishing Company 

Archie Comics

Production Staff
Cover Artist
  • Scott Fulop
Managing Editor
  • Victor Gorelick
Editor in Chief
  • Richard Goldwater
Special Thanks

to Bob Harris, Cynthia Wilkes, and Jennifer Hunn of Sega of America

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Only Appearance

Sonic In Your Face was the first single issue special in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.


Story One[]

"The Quest"

Sonic and Sally are practice-sparring, but Sally isn't paying attention. She explains that she's been thinking about the orb that fell from the sky and the death of Julayla, her mentor. Rosie comes in and asks Sally examine the estate Julayla left her. Sally finds three items in a chest: a blue vest, a picture of her father, and a map. Later that night, the same orb that fell out of the sky glows and wakes Sally. Sally approaches the orb, and it turns out to be a special computer named NICOLE with a mind of its own. The Freedom Fighters ask Sally if anything is wrong. She introduces NICOLE to them and determines that she'll be its friend.

The next day, Sally follows the map she was given with NICOLE in tow. Before she can get far, the Freedom Fighters confront her, and talk their way into going with her. They parachute into Robotropolis, but are quickly spotted by a group of SWATbots. The Freedom Fighters enter the Forbidden Zone to escape, but find themselves facing a robotic cyclops. Sonic tries to destroy it to no avail. NICOLE explains that the cyclops only responds to motion, so Sonic stands still for a period of time, putting it into sleep mode. Next, they are attacked by a fire-breathing griffin, but Tails manages to defeat it by pulling a sword from a stone (A sign on the stone explains pulling the sword from it magically stops the beast). Finally, they meet a two-headed dragon, guarding two different doors. NICOLE explains to Sally that the beast is known as the Polysaurus Rex, a monster that has a head that lies, and another head that tells the truth.

Sally asks the left head which door the right head would say is the correct path. The left head tells her he would send her through the left door. Sally decides to take the door on the right. She reasons that if the left head tells the truth he would tell her the wrong door because the right head lies, and if he lied he would tell her the wrong door anyway. Beyond the door lies the treasure, which is simply a scroll that Sally doesn't understand. Twenty-five years later, Sally is queen of Mobius, along with her king, Sonic. King Max has returned, and Sonic and Sally have two children, Sonia and Manik. It turns out NICOLE was made by Rotor in this future and was sent back in time to aid Sally and her friends on their quest to defeating Dr. Ivo Robotnik.

Story Two[]

"The Mirror Zone"

Sonic and Tails are chasing a SWATbot that has a message from Robotnik. The SWATbot enters the Mirror Zone and Sonic and Tails follow him. Everything is backwards in the Mirror Zone, but Sonic manages to defeat the SWATbot and retrieve the message. Once they leave the Mirror Zone, they notice that the message is in backwards and must be unscrambled by looking into a mirror.

Story Three[]

"Tails' Tallest Tale"

Tails is on his way to deliver a speech at the Sonic-Con convention. He arrives to find the place packed and meets Sheldon, the president of the convention, and Posey, a possum whom is the resident Sonic expert. When Tails starts his speech, he forgets what he planned to say. He ends up telling a fake story about how he fought a robot named Toadzilla. Once he finishes his story,the audience notices Robotnik outside, ready to wreck the con with a huge machine.

Posey pushes Tails to fight off Robotnik, but he just gets slapped around by the machine. Posey bravely demands Robotnik leave them alone, he decides to squash her with his robot's foot. Tails flies up and ambushes Robotnik, spinning in place to make him dizzy. The plan works; Robotnik crashes his machine and then flies away to rest. Posey rewards Tails with a kiss for his bravery, and they return to the convention.

Bonus Features[]

Pinup Pages[]

Super Sonic Pin-Up Art Pages

Two full page illustrations. The first shows Sonic and Tails running through what appears to be Launch Base Zone while the Death Egg sits in the background. The second depicts Sonic narrowly dodging a laser blast from Dr. Robotnik's Egg Mobile in Robotropolis.


  • Antoine: "Mon Dieu! It ees zee Cyclops!"
  • Sonic: "Gulp! Looks more like a One-Eyed-Monster to me!"

The Mirror Zone's Secret Message:

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the most evil tyrant of them all? ...And who's the dumbest hedgehog of them all? Fast as fast can be, you'll never defeat me! Here's looking at you, Sonic! -Ivo Robotnik"

Key Events[]

  • NICOLE joins the Knothole Freedom Fighters.

Background Information[]

Cameos & References[]

  • Julayla's words on the scroll, "to thine own self be true," come from Hamlet.
  • "Sonic-Con" is an obvious parody of Comic Con.
  • Posey's design is modeled after Pogo Possum from the Pogo comics by Walt Kelly.

Reprint History[]

This issue was reprinted in the following places:


All three stories take place between "Wedding Bell Blues" (StH#18) and "Night of a Thousand Sonics" (StH#19).

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