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Sonic the Hedgehog FCBD 2011
Free Comic Day Special
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Date Published 

May 2011

Production Staff
Cover Artist
  • Steven Butler
  • Rick Bryant
  • Patrick Williams
  • Steve Downer
  • Paul Kaminski

Archie Comics

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Sonic Free Comic Book Day 2011 is the fifth Free Comic Book Day issue. The issue contains a partial remake of "Naugus Games" from Sonic Super Special #15.


Story One[]

"The Rematch"

As the Death Egg Mark 2 rises in the horizon, Sonic reflects on recent events stating that his life has been very busy lately. Sonic's mind wanders over to Ixis Naugus; Sonic explains that he thought Naugus was stuck as a drooling monster. Which leads him to think about the last time he saw his "ugly mug." The story now shifts over to the past showing Sonic running across the Southern Tundra to visit the grave of Eddy the Yeti. He approaches the ruins of Nate Morgan's castle and slides to a stop.

After saying some kind words to Eddy, he takes out some flowers and explains that he ran so fast the frost hadn't got to them. Suddenly, the ground shakes and Sonic falls through a gap in the snow. After recovering from his fall, Sonic sees a bright yellow light coming from another room in the ruins. Full of speculation, Sonic peers through a hole and finds a large pile of Power Rings, and Ixis Naugus standing not far away. Sonic attempts to attack Naugus, but is stopped by his coat, which got caught on a large chunk of rock. Naugus uses his elemental powers to freeze Sonic's feet before he can recover. Naugus gloats over Sonic and explains how he escaped the Zone of Silence, revealing that he intends to take over Mobotropolis. Hearing enough, Sonic spin-dashes the ice off his feet and proceeds to attack Naugus.

Naugus fights back by chasing Sonic around with a giant ball of ice. Sonic eventually tricks the ball of ice and makes it collide with Ixis Naugus, freezing him instantly. Sonic taunts Ixis Naugus until he explodes into a giant ball of flame. The battle continues and Sonic goes for the stash of Power Rings. Ixis shows of his power and brings an avalanche of rocks falling on top of Sonic. However, Sonic is unharmed and uses the Rings to transform into Ultra Sonic once more. Though with less finesse, Sonic utlizes the powers of his alternate Super transformation, and uses his powered up speed to create a portal to the Zone of Silence. Ixis is sucked into the Zone, vowing to return. Sonic then closes the portal and leaves the ruins. The plot then shifts back to present day. Sonic tells Ixis that he was right, he did return. He sadly says that the same goes for Eggman.


  • Sonic: (After falling in a hole) Dude, if you didn't like the flowers, you could have told me!
  • Ixis Naugus: Theres a cold wind at the door, Quickster... AND IT COMES FOR YOU!
  • Sonic: (after freezing Ixis Naugus) so, what should we call you now? Ice-iss Naugus? Ixis Nanook? Ooh! Naugusicle!
  • Ixis Naugus: Curse you, Sonic! This isn't the end of it! Mobotropolis will be mine! I will return! I will returrrrnnnnnn!!!!

Key Events[]

  • Sonic remembers visiting the grave of Eddy the Yeti and his fight with Ixis Naugus.
  • The Death Egg rises higher in the atmosphere.

Background Information[]

  • This is the second Sonic FCBD issue to have only Sonic the Hedgehog on the cover.
  • Although it is an all new story, it is actually Sonic remembering the events of SSS #15' and essentially a retcon of that issue.
  • This is the first FCBD penciled by Steven Butler aside from his archive drawings present in FCBD #3.
  • The cover shows Sonic running in the Green Hill Zone. It could probably be a foreshadowing of the Sonic Genesis Saga.
  • At the end of the issue, there are bios of Sonic, both classic and current freedom fighters, Ixis Naugus, Eggman, and the Death Egg that have been hinted to be related to pages from the delayed encyclopedia. Updated versions of these entries would later appear in The Complete Sonic Comic Encyclopedia.
  • This issue also contains an exclusive poster drawn by Evan Stanley, who would later become an artist for the series.

Reprint History[]

This issue has been reprinted in the following places:


  • The present day scenes take place directly between "Chaos and the Crown: Part 2" (StH#224) and "One Step Forward..." (#225).
  • The flashback scenes, as a canon replacement of "Naugus Games" (SSS#15), occurs somewhere between "Retro Activity" (StH#71) and "I, Robotnik" (StH#72).