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Sonic's World

Sonic's World is the homeworld of the Mobians and humans and it is the main setting of the comics and where the majority of events take place. It is a planet in the Prime Zone and is a similar version of the real Earth. Much of the world is governed by the United Federation which is itself led by the President, while some territories are under the control of the Eggman Empire. However even territories that are not completely controlled by the Eggman Empire have bases stationed within them which are run by Egg Bosses. The world, in this form, came into being after the Super Genesis Wave altered the original version of the Multiverse and the Prime Zone.

Main Locations[]

Cities & Territories[]

Areas & Zones[]





Neighboring Planetoids


Ancient History[]

  • At the dawn of time, a primordial deity known as Ixis came into existence and wrecked havoc across the universe. It was eventually sealed away by a group of lesser deities known collectively as the Chaos Titans, who then proceeded to the shape the known universe. (StH: #280; SU: #85, #88)
  • Many eons ago, the world was formed. In that era, Dark Gaia and Light Gaia came to reside on it. Following a constant cycle, Dark Gaia awakens once every couple of million years to destroy the world and Light Gaia then restores it in an event known as the "time of awakening". The two of them would then return to sleep in the planet's core until they can awaken to continue the cycle. (StH: #258)
  • Sometime afterwards, a civilization of Trolls rose to power in the land of Pancardina. Utilizing their elemental powers, they brought forth a new age of prosperity and world order with their cystalline magic and tech. This era was brought to an end by a catastrophic event that blasted Pancardina into a series of islands, with the Trolls being all but wiped out overnight. (StH: #276; SU: #70, #88)
  • Roughly 4,000 years ago, the ancient Echidna clan, the Knuckles Tribe, sought to take the mysterious Master Emerald and harness its power. Their attempted raid angered the gem's guardian, the water beast Chaos, who, in a fit of rage, did away with the tribesmen. With Chaos dangerously enraged, Tikal sealed herself with Chaos into the emerald, and the resulting burst of energy caused the land to rise from the ground, becoming Angel Island. (VG: SA/SADX)

Modern History[]

  • 50 years ago, aboard the Space Colony ARK, Professor Gerald Robotnik was forced by the President of that time to create the "Ultimate Life Form". Aided by the alien warlord Black Doom, they initiated Project Shadow, resulting in the creation of Shadow the Hedgehog. The professor hoped intended for Shadow to be the protector of the world, but Black Doom had his own, opposing idea to make Shadow his chief encorcer in taking over the world. The professor cut ties with the alien upon discovering his twisted intentions. With that, the professor went on to create the Eclipse Cannon, as a means to stop the eventual Black Arms invasion. (StH: #60)
  • Shadow was eventually brought to life and developed a close friendship with the professors granddaughter, Maria Robotnik, whom was suffering from a terminal illness which her grandfather was working to find a cure for. When G.U.N. got word of the professors progress, and his initial deal with the deadly alien leader, the project was forced to be shut down. The resulting raid saw Maria Robotnik shot and killed as she aided Shadow in his escape, an event that the hedgehog would have engraved in his mind for the rest of his life. Learning of his granddaughters demise after being taken into custody, Gerald went mad with rage, swearing vengence on humanity. Shadow was put into stasis deep within Prison Island, and the professor was executed. (VG: SA2/SA2B)
  • Some years ago, Kingdom of Acorn scientist Dr. Ellidy found himself in desperation as his daughter Nikki the Lynx began to deteriorate in health. His comrade Dr. Chuck the Hedgehog planned to use his Roboticizer invention to save her, but developement of the device proved too slow, and Nikki ultimately passed away. In his grief, Ellidy attempted to use the Digitizer as a way to preserve his daughters mind in the Digital World. He succeeded in creating a basic A.I. which he copied into a handheld computer. However, he was devistated to hear the machine respond in an emotionless, computerized manner. (SU: #72, #73, #74)
  • After years of service to the Kingdom, Ellidy decided to retire and leave Mobotropolis for a fresh start. Upon bidding farewell to King Acorn, he bestowed his handheld A.I. to the King's daughter, Sally Acorn, as a parting gift. Father and daughter decided to christen the machine "NICOLE". (SU: #71)
  • The young Princess Sally continued to grow up happily within Mobotropolis with her father and nanny Rosie Woodchuck. The nanny soon gained more children under her care: Antoine D'Coolette arrived as part of an apprentice exchange programme, with the intention of becoming a royal guard. At another time years before, Rosie and Uncle Chuck discovered a young Bunnie Rabbot abandoned in the Royal Hills Zone outside of the city. (FCBD: #8, SSD: #8, StH: #281)
  • Back in Mobotropolis, treachary was afoot within Castle Acorn, as Eggman and his apprentice Dr. Julian Snively, in collaboration with the royal wizard Walter Naugus, convinced the king that the United Federation was planning to take over the kingdom. The king secured them positions in the royal court for their efforts, allowing the villains complete access to the kingdom's resources. Eggman's forces began working to strip-mine South Island and construct the Death Egg on Westside Island, and to hunt down the Chaos Emeralds. The King caught on to their evil scheme, but he was banished to the Special Zone by the doctor before he could act, alongside Walter Naugus, whom he had betrayed. (SSD: #12)
  • As Dr. Eggman's coup d'état commenced, Sally and the other children of the city were spirited away by Rosie and Chuck to Knothole Village. Rotor had the misfortune of arriving in the city during the coup, and forced to quickly retreat to Knothole with everyone else. (FCBD: #8)
  • During the coup, Bunnie somehow got caught up in an attack that left half her body with life-threatening injuries. Using the Roboticizer, Chuck converted her injured limbs into cybernetics to sustain her life. Bunnie was forced to learn how to walk all over again with the help of Rosie, facing both painful and humilating struggles in the process. But the support of her friends, particularly the young fox Miles "Tails" Prower, whom looked up to her like a big sister, encouraged her to keep going. Her strong will became a source of inspiration for Antoine D'Coolette to overcome his fears. (SSD: #8, #9, StH: #281)
  • Dr. Eggman's conquest eventually hit a snag in the form of a young Sonic the Hedgehog, who managed to put an end to the doctor's operations on South Island. During this adventure, Sonic somehow managed to become acquainted with Sally and her group of friends, as well as Miles "Tails" Prower. He also made several visits to the Special Zone during this time, obtaining six of the seven Chaos Emeralds in the process, as well finding and rescuing King Nigel. Sonic returned to Knothole after this adventure, where he united with Sally and her friends before setting out across Westside Island to finish Eggman's takeover. (#288), VG: StH)
  • The newly formed Freedom Fighters made their way across Westside Island, liberating each Zone. Soon enough, Sonic, with Tails' help, made his way up to Dr. Eggman's newly-launched space station, the Death Egg. After facing off against the first of what would be many robotic doubles, Silver Sonic, Sonic attained his super transformation for the first time and blew the ship out of the sky. (StH: #289, SSD: #12, VG: StH2)
  • Somewhere around this point, Sonic, Tails and Eggman were all pulled into a time traveling adventure alongside their not-too-distant future selves, which saw the two Eggmen attempting to alter time and space with the monstrous Time Eater, an attempt thwarted by Sonic and his older self. Sonic returned to his own point in time, retaining only some memories of the adventure. (StH: #290, VG: SG)
  • This adventure briefly left Eggman trapped in a white void with his future counterpart. After somehow finding his way back to his own time, Eggman set his sights next on the Little Planet-the planetoid that passed by Never Lake once every year-and its resident Time Stones. Sonic prevented the doctor's new plan to control time from coming to fruition in an adventure that also saw him go up against the metallic doupplganger Metal Sonic and rescuing the love-struck Amy Rose, whom had been captured by the robot. (StH: #260, #290; VG: SCD)
  • After the damaged fortress landed on Angel Island, Dr. Eggman gained the trust of the islands guardian and last remaining echidna, Knuckles, whom he tricked into revealing the location of the Master Emerald. When Sonic and Tails tracked him down to the now sunken island, Knuckles was tricked into making the heroes journey across the island a lot more challenging. Soon enough, Knuckles had realised Eggman's deception, and aided Sonic in making aboard the Death Egg to retrieve the stolen Master Emerald. Super Sonic succeeded in destroying the fortress once and for all, and the gem was returned to Angel Island, allowing it to float once more. (SU: #69, #70, VG: StH3, S&K)
  • The Master Emerald would immediatly be put in danger once again, however, when Dr. Julian Snively attempted to steal the gem away for himself. This time, the guardian rose to the challenge and defeated Eggman's lackey, which prompted Snively to flee. (SU: #70, SSD: #12, VG: S&K)
  • After yet another failed plan, Eggman turned his attention next to the Eastwatch Islands and the legendary Ancient Gears. Meeting up again with Tails and Amy, and running afoul of Knuckles, whom Eggman had once again tricked, Sonic set off to gather the gears before Eggman could use them to power his newest weapon, the Mega Drive. (SMD)
  • Sonic and the Freedom Fighters would continue to oppose Dr. Eggman's tyrany for quite some time, meeting various new allies along the way. They rescued a young Lupe the Wolf when Eggman's forces attacked her village, killing her father in the process. At another point, the heroes became acquainted with Dulcy the Dragon, who had run away from her home in Yurashia, to escape the various feuds that her clan were forced to endure. The Freedom Fighters heroism would inspire both girls to make their own stand against the Eggman Empire by leading their own Freedom Fighter groups. (StH: #277, #281)
  • On one particular occasion, Eggman kidnapped Tails and held him captive on South Island. Sonic's quest to reacue him was made more challenging by the efforts of the Super Special Sonic Search & Smash Squad, from whom he rescued alledged damzel in distress Breezie the Hedgehog, who tagged along on the majority of his quest. However, it was soon revealed that Breezie was in league with Eggman all along, and was reporting the heroes progress to the doctor. (StH: #268, #269, VG: S2-8b)
  • Nontheless, Sonic eventually succeeded in defeating Eggman and saving Tails. But no sooner had he saved the day than both hero and villain alike were ambushed and captured by a vengeful Walter Naugus, who had since managed to escape from the Special Zone, and his twin sister Wendy Naugus. As Sonic and Eggman kept prisoner by the Naugus twins, it was left to Tails to save his best friend, in an adventure that saw the young fox go head to head with Wendy's minions, the Witchcarters. (SU: #83, #84, VG: TSP)
  • In a surprising turn events, the handheld A.I. NICOLE, whom has slowly began to become more sentient as time passed, materialised into a Mobian "Holo-lynx" form. (SU: #73)
  • As Eggman's influence continued to spread across the planet, he proved more ruthless in his schemes. Discovering the legend of the water beast Chaos, he formulated a plan to use the creature: releasing it from the Master Emerald, he set out to use the Chaos Emeralds to make it grow more powerful. This would ultimately culminate in the creature losing control in its perfect form and flooding the city of Station Square. With the help of the spirit of Tikal, Super Sonic was able to quell the beasts anger and stop its rampage. (StH: #257, VG: SA/SADX)
  • Eggman had shattered the Master Emerald in order to release Chaos, which resulted in Angel Island falling into the ocean. As Knuckles searched for the scattered shards, the island was visited by an archeologist, Relic the Pika, whom began exploring the landmass. When the Master Emerald was restored, Angel Island rose into the sky once more, leaving Relic cut off from the surface below. (SU: #63)
  • Dr. Eggman uncovers the diary of his late grandfather, Professor Gerald, and learns of Project: Shadow. He decides to release Shadow from his stasis on Prison Island, and the duo (later joined by an undercover Rouge the Bat) plan to use the professors weapon of destruction, the Eclipse Cannon on the Space Colony ARK, to take over the planet. When the Chaos Emeralds are used to activate the cannon however, the professors final act of revenge is set in motion, and the ARK begins hurdling towards the planet. Sonic and Shadow manage to prevent the ARKS crash in their super transformations, but Shadow loses his remaining power and falls toward the planet, leaving Sonic and the others to believe he'd perished. (VG: SA2/SA2B)
  • In actuality, Shadow was rescued by one of Eggman's robots. The comatose antihero was put into stasis in an Eggman base. (VG: ShtH)
  • Metal Sonic is resurrected as "Neo Metal Sonic" and takes on the identity of Dr. Eggman, helping Breezie construct her casino empire in exchange for making it a deathtrap for Sonic and his friends. Later, Sonic and several other heroes, including the Chaotix, do battle against Metal Sonic's new form, Metal Overlord. (StH: #259, #270, SU: #63)
  • Emerl is activated and bonds with Sonic and his friends, but is destroyed in a life-or-death battle with Sonic due to circumstances. Soon after, Dr. Eggman rebuilds the robot as Gemerl, and activates the first Genesis Wave, which segments the planet into pocket dimensions and strips Walter Naugus of his powers. Gemerl acts as Dr. Eggman's enforcer as Sonic travels the world to find a way to restore it, but the robot goes on a rampage when it takes the Chaos Emeralds' power. Super Sonic and Dr. Eggman team up and defeat Gemerl, which restores his personality prior to his destruction, and now acts as a companion to Cream and Cheese. (StH: #257, SU: #89, VG: SBt, SAd3)
  • The Black Arms invade the planet and are defeated thanks to Shadow the Hedgehog, with the Black Comet destroyed by the Eclipse Cannon. During the conflict, Commander Abraham Tower finally overcame his long-held hatred of Shadow. (SU: #59, #60, #61)
  • An incident involving evil management at MeteorTech happens. (StH: #270)
  • Sonic and Tails go on an adventure to rescue the Wisps. Silver the Hedgehog was also involved in said adventure. (StH #252)
  • Bunnie and Antoine marry. (StH #255)
  • A mishap involving Dr. Eggman's scheme to control a mysterious entity known as the Time Eater happens, trapping the doctor within a white void. He comes into contact with Dr. Wily, an evil scientist from an alternate reality through the power of the blue Chaos Emerald, that had somehow ended up in Wily's universe. The two construct the Skull Egg Zone so that they can meet in person and construct the Wily Egg. (SB: #8)
  • Naugus imprisons King Acorn and forces Nicole to create a ring to restore his magic. (StH: #252)
  • Rotor and Tails construct the Sky Patrol airship in the Mystic Ruins. (StH: #253)
  • Antoine is sent to Knothole to watch over Uncle Chuck. (StH: #254)
  • Bunnie is sent on an undercover mission to the Metropolis Zone. (StH: #254)
  • Sally heads to Artika to infiltrate the Death Egg. (StH: #252)
  • Amy Rose mysteriously vanishes while guarding the Sky Patrol. It's later revealed that the power of the Sol Emeralds summoned her to the Sol Zone to assist in the defeat of Captain Metal. Cream the Rabbit and Cheese, Bean the Dynamite and Bark the Polar Bear are also summoned to the Sol Zone under the same circumstances. (StH: #253, SU: #58)
  • Doctor Eggman sends the Tails Doll to attack Mobotropolis. Sonic and Tails return from an adventure to rescue King Acorn as well as to follow-up on NICOLE, only to find the Tails Doll attacking New Mobotropolis. (StH: #252)
  • As these events unfold, Eggman and Wily launch the second Genesis Wave on their zones. With the world reset once again, the events of Worlds Collide take place: Sonic the Hedgehog and the hero of Dr. Wily's universe, Mega Man, team up in an adventure that takes them to the Skull Egg Zone, being pitted against the Roboticized Masters (Roboticized versions of Sonic's friends) Dr. Wily's time-cloned Robot Masters, and many more. The Doctors attempt to use all seven Chaos Emerald to launch the "Super Genesis Wave", which will completely alter their respective worlds to the Doctors liking, with no limitations. Using the emeralds power to access their super forms, Sonic and Mega Man both attempt to reverse the wave. Super Mega Man successfully restores his world to normal, while Super Sonic's attempt to restore his own world is disrupted by Dr. Eggman, resulting in reality being shattered, creating the Genesis Portals. (MM: #24, #25, #26, #27, SU: #51, #52, #53, #54, StH: #248, #249, #250, #251)

Recent History[]

From a reader's point of view, everything from here on picks up from where the original timeline ended.
  • Sonic awakens back in Mobotropolis feeling disoriented, suddenly experiencing memories of an alternate timeline (the Pre-SGW continuity) and is completely clueless as to his current situation. Inside Castle Acorn, Nicole developes an odd glitch which makes it so whoever comes into contact with her handheld body gains memories of the same alternate timeline. Naugus is the first to get this jolt of new memories, and flees the castle in terror. As the heroes continued to deal with the monstrous Tails Doll, Tails finds Nicole and becomes the second to revive memories from the other reality (as well as briefly regaining his memories of Worlds Collide). After the Tails Doll was defeated, Sonic and Tails discussed this confusion with their memories, at which point Sonic's own memories of the current timeline begin coming back, before freeing King Acorn from his imprisonment, and setting out on a new adventure to round up the separated Freedom Fighters, and to defragment Nicole by using her to give the Freedom Fighters their alternate reality memories. Elsewhere, Eggman, Orbot and Cubot, also having just returned from the events of Worlds Collide and similarly disoriented from memories of the other timeline, crash-land somewhere in the Efrika plains. The group begin their effort to get back to the Death Egg in order to find out what's happening to their world. (#252)
  • Sonic and Tails venture to the Mystic Ruins where they meet Big the Cat and, soon after, are reunited with Rotor, who was next to have his memories of the old world return after coming into contact with Nicole. Providing the duo with their next lead, they set out to Knothole Village. Back in the Efrika plains, Eggman and his lackies finally run into some help, in the form of the Efrika Egg Army, led by Egg Boss Axel the Water Buffalo. (#253)
  • Sonic and Tails venture to the Wood Zone, where they are reunited with Uncle Chuck and Antoine, meeting Ben Muttski in the process. Antoine has his memories restored, but Chuck and Muttski do not. Antoine gives Sonic and Tails the location of where Bunnie was: the Metropolis Zone. Meanwhile, Eggman arrives in Avalon and gains the aid of Lord Hood, converting his Egg Mobile into an Egg Walker for storming a G.U.N. Base before leaving. (StH #254)
  • Sonic and Tails link up with Bunnie in the Metropolis Zone and obtain a shield generator for the Sky Patrol. Meanwhile Eggman meets with Tundra the Walrus of the Artika Egg Army and obtains transportation back to the Death Egg. (StH: #255)
Mobius Tears Itself Apart

Sonic's world tears itself apart as a result of the rewritten reality.

  • Amy Rose and Cream return to Mobotropolis in time to help rescue Sally from a chasing Metal Sonic. Sonic and Tails return to defeat the robot. Both girls regain their memories in time for a horrible revelation: the Super Genesis Wave has caused the multiverse to collapse on itself (and then recreated) and the planet, unable to contain the Chaos energies from it, shatters into pieces. (StH: #256)
  • Angel Island is rattled by the shattering of the world, Chaos is pulled from the Master Emerald and into the ocean below, and a mysterious force instructs Knuckles to search for a "spirit" that would help to restore the world. Knuckles leaves Relic the Pika to guard the Master Emerald in his absence. (SU: #63)
  • G.U.N. begins Operation: Triage to deal with the situation of the planet breaking apart. Meanwhile the Black Arms, now led by Black Death, return to the solar system in the New Black Comet to consume the planet. Commander Abraham Tower sends Team Dark and Spider Troupe to the comet to destroy it with a nuclear bomb. During their mission, the group run afoul of Black Death and Eclipse the Darkling, Shadow briefly falls victim to Black Death's mind control, and Spider Troupe are captured with the intention of being made into the eventual first meal for the Dark Arms, before being rescued. Soon, Shadow manages to hunt down Black Death and slay him in their final battle, before the nuke is detonated, blowing up the comet. Eclipse the Darkling, however, manages to escape the blast by fleeing in an escape saucer. (SU: #59, #60, #61, #62)
  • The Freedom Fighters begin a rescue operation in a heavily hit Station Square. Meanwhile, Eggman learns of Professor Pickle and his research of the Gaia Manuscripts. This leads to him kidnapping the professor, along with Uncle Chuck. (StH: #257)
  • The Freedom Fighters track the kidnapped professors to the Soleanna Forest Zone, where they are being held aboard the moving Bullet Train. After Sonic defeats Badnik horde commander E-106 Eta, the professors are rescued and taken back to the Sky Patrol, leaving their research, and the Gaia Manuscripts, in the hands of Eggman. (StH: #258, #259)
  • While managing repairs to Casino Park following the world shattering, the S6 Squad uncover a Chaos Emerald and bring it to Breezie the Hedgehog. She decides to hold a fighting tournament, with the emerald as a prize. (StH: #271)
  • After days of searching through the Sky Rail Zone and Pumpkin Hill Zone, Knuckles is attacked by a horde of Dark Gaia monsters, before the Chaotix show up to assist him. He agrees to help in their mission from Princess Sally to find the Chaos Emeralds. After running afoul of the Hooligans, the group track down the spirit, a skittish, amnesiac little creature, whom Charmy names "Chip", and a red Chaos Emerald in the Aquatic Mine. During Knuckles absence, Eclipse the Darkling's escape saucer lands in the Mushroom Hill Zone. Relic and Fixit head out to investigate, only to find a mysterious black and red root from the ground. (SU: #62, #63, #64, #65, #66)
  • The Knothole Freedom Fighters begin their hunt for Gaia Temples and Chaos Emeralds: Sonic, Amy and Rotor are sent to the underwater city of Meropis to find a Gaia Temple. Down there, they gain the aide of Razor, Coral and Pearly. After fighting off Dark Gaia's Minions, the group discover that Chaos is the one keeping the oceans from draining from the shattered planet. They return to the Sky Patrol without uncovering a Gaia Temple. Meanwhile, Sally, Tails, Antoine and Nicole venture into the Crystal Cave to snag a Chaos Emerald that the Egg Army had been mining for. The group successfully evade hazards and return to the Sky Patrol with the emerald. (StH: #260, #261, #262, #263)
  • After Knuckles and the Chaotix successfully rescue Chip from the Hooligans, he's taken to the safety of Angel Island, and the Chaotix agree to let Knuckles hold on got to the Chaos Emerald until the Knothole Freedom Fighters have gathered the other six. While on the Island, it is revealed by Tikal that Chip is in fact Light Gaia. (SU: #66)
  • Tracking Eclipse after his escape, Team Dark arrive on Angel Island to hunt down the alien. Knuckles reluctantly agrees to aide in their search, leaving Shadow and Relic to guard the Master Emerald, only for Eclipse himself to appear to the both of them. (SU: #67)
  • Sonic, along with Sally and Amy, reunite with Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel in the Rocky Jungle Zone, where they team up to retrieve the grey Chaos Emerald from an Egg Army digging site. They raid the area only to be caught in an electrical field where they are paralyzed. The stress of the situation causes Sonic to finally tip over the edge and become the Werehog. After regaining control, Sonic decides to stay to undergo training with Moss the Sloth to overcome his beastly transformation, while the Freedom Fighters try to obtain a Chaos Emerald in the Sand Hill Zone. While Sonic manages to control his primal urges, the group's mission turns out to be a failure. They group back together and continue their search. (StH: #264, #265, #266)
  • Having obtained an Chaos Emerald, Breezie holds a fighting tournament to distract everyone from the worldwide crisis; the winner wins the emerald. She selects three certain members of the Freedom Fighters to participate, while Eggman enters Team Hooligan to even the odds. Meantime, Espio sneaks Knuckles' name into the list of contenders while he and Chip were busy scouting the casino lobby for Master Emerald shards. The fight escalates till only Sonic and Knuckles are the only contenders remaining, but their match is interrupted by the untimely arrival of Metal Sonic. Before he could snatch the prize Emerald from the unsecured vault, however, he is quickly dispatched by Tails, winning the emerald in the process. As the heroes make their exit, Sally receives a distress call aboard the Sky Patrol from the priest of Apotos, Gregorios. (StH: #266, #267, #268, #269)
  • At some point during the tournament, Eggman discovers the Lost Hex. (StH: #270)
  • While aboard the Sky Patrol, Nicole recieves another distress call from her creator, Dr. Ellidy, and transmits herself to his location in the Digital World. Sally, Big, and Tails fallow suit and journey to Ellidy's abode on Isolated Island. Upon being revived, Ellidy explains that he uncovered a mysterious phenomenon known as the Red Star Rings; and while exploring its properties, a mysterious glitch appeared in the island's mainframe and tried killing him while trying to fix it. Sally later learned of Ellidy's intentions for creating Nicole and why he despised her so, only to be attacked by both Dark Gaia's minions and the mysterious entity controlling the island's badniks. With Sally and Ellidy's help, Nicole is able to fight off the rouge virus known as Phage and lock it out of the system.(SU: #71, #72, #73, #74)
  • At some point aboard the Sky Patrol, Sonic briefly zones out and gets a weird feeling that he had just saved the world from something terrible with the help of his old buddy Mega Man... Aboard the Death Egg, Eggman awakes from a nap with the sudden feeling that a plan by his old colleague Dr. Wily had been thwarted somehow. He decides that he'll hold off on invading the Lost Hex until another time. (MM: #52)
  • Later at the Blue Coast Zone, Sonic has a brief encounter with Eggman's Egg SWATs when a mysterious portal opened in the sky, unleashing the once-imprisoned Ifrit. With help from Silver the Hedgehog, who had been sent to deal with the phenomenon, they were able to lure the beast back into its fiery domain. Before long, Sonic, Antoine, and Chip had managed to locate Gregorios at a local temple, where he showed them the hidden Gaia Gate and gave them a list of locations which the families possessing keys to the Gaia Temples resided. Shortly after defeating a Dark Gaia Titan that night and locating another shard of the Master Emerald, the Freedom Fighters received a call from Rouge the Bat, telling them that G.U.N. had managed to locate another Chaos Emerald in the Crystal Desert Zone. (SCO: #6; StH: #271)
  • Upon arriving in the Crystal Desert Zone, the Freedom Fighters are immediately attacked by Metal Sonic, who makes off with the new emerald. Sonic ends up chasing the robot through a Genesis Portal into the Burning Ruin Zone, where he meets up with Silver again. The two hedgehogs team up to get the emerald back from Metal, before tricking him into flying through another Genesis Portal to parts unknown. Sonic returns to Crystal Desert Zone, emerald in hand. (SU: #75)
    • In an alternate timeline, Eggman goes ahead with his invasion of the Lost Hex, which inadvertently draws him and the rest of his world into an evil plot by Sigma, a Maverick Reploid from another world in the distant future, to merge numerous worlds and drain them of their power for himself. Teaming up once again with Mega Man, as well as other heroes from across time and space, Sonic and his allies successfully put an end to Sigma, but not before he'd left Sonic and Mega Man's fused worlds in an irriversable state. Fortunately, these events ended up being undone by a time paradox caused by Xander Payne. (StH: #272, #273, #274, #275, SU: #75, #76, #77, #78, SB: #8, #9, #10, MM: #50, #51, #52, WUB: MM, StH)
  • Sonic travels to the planet's northern regions in search of a Gaia Key, only to run afoul of Tundra the Walrus. Meantime, Dr. Eggman sets out into an unknown void to recover Metal Sonic. (StH: #276)
  • After joining forces with Lupe Wolf to stop one of Robotnik's Super Badniks, Sally and Bunnie set out to retrieve the final Chaos Emerald which leads to a confrontation between them and the Egg Bosses, Cassia and Clove.
  • Sonic, Antoine, and Big travel to Shamar, where they team up with the Desert Raiders to locate the next Gaia Key. In the process, they faced off against the Shamar Egg Army under Egg Boss Nephthys the Vulture. (StH: #277, #278, #279)

The Near Future[]

  • At some point, Eggman revisits his plan to invade the Lost Hex. After gaining the control of the planetoids resident Zeti-the Deadly Six-with the power of the Cacophonic Conch, he uses his new found lackies to round up multiple Mobini on the planet below. When Sonic and Tails catch wind of what Eggman is doing, the duo take to the skies to chase the Doctor down, eventually finding their own way to the Lost Hex... (HCF: #1)

Distant Future[]

Before Silver's Time

Silver's Time (200 Years Later)

  • Silver the Hedgehog discretely opposes the Onyx City Council. During one of his secret personal training sessions, he makes the acquaintance of Professor Von Schlemmer and learns of the Genesis Portals. The Onyx City Council attempt to open a portal of their own, which brings the Second Devourer to their world. With the help of Von Schlemmer and defected council member Gold the Tenrec, Silver succeeds in sending the monster back from wence it came. The victory is short-lived however, as the trio immediately fall through another Genesis Portal... (SU: #79, #80, #81, #82)
    • In an alternate timeline, this point in the future was ravaged by the monster Iblis, who Silver the Hedgehog fought alongside a version of Blaze the Cat. The carnage came to an end when Blaze gave herself up as a vessel for the monster, before sealing herself into another dimension. These events were ultimately undone when Solaris, the monsters original incarnation, was snuffed out 210 years in the past by a time travelling Sonic and Princess Elise. (VG: S06)

Background Information[]

  • According to a post by Ian Flynn, only three video games have not occurred in the post-Super Genesis Wave world: Sonic Unleashed (as that is the current storyline), Sonic Lost World (which Ian says that he wants to deal with, but he can take his time to get there), and Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood (due to the ongoing litigation with Ken Penders and the fact that, storywise, it takes place two years into the future). Thus, unless contradicted in-story, it can be assumed that all video games are canon to the post-Super Genesis Wave world.
  • There has been some debate as to whether or not the planet is still named Mobius or Earth in the current continuity. It's been stated by Ian Flynn that a SEGA mandate declares that Sonic's world cannot be named, thus the names "Mobius" and "Earth" have been dropped. Whether the planet is still officially called Mobius in-universe is unknown. However, in StH: #287, as Chip says goodbye, he says he'll be with his friends as "a part of the earth you tread", though this is most likely referring to the ground rather than the planet itself.
    • Despite this, other names that make reference to the planet's former name, such as Mobotropolis, are still retained.
    • While Sega has nowadays prevented licensed media from giving Sonic's homeworld a name, ''Mobius'' was suprisingly later used in the Sonic the Hedgehog film series produced by Paramount Pictures where it is mentioned by Knuckles in the novelization of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (film) which line is assumed to have originated from an earlier script for the film. The name was not mentioned in the films due to the same mentioned above mandate.[1]
  • Ian Flynn has confirmed on his Twitter that the calendar system from the old continuity no longer applies, nor does he have any intention of introducing a replacement calendar.
  • Originally, Ian Flynn claimed on his blog that the events of "Genesis" happened in both the original and current timelines. However, Ian has since reconned this statement on his Twitter, confirming that Genesis only happened in the original timeline.
    • It was confirmed in SU: #89 that the first Genesis Wave in Sonic's World was used to begin the events of Sonic Advance 3.
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