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The Sol Zone Pirates are a group of pirates who, as their name suggests, plague the residents of the Sol Zone in search of plunder. Several crews are known to exist, and at least two have come into conflict with Blaze the Cat, Guardian of the Sol Emeralds and princess of the world they prey upon. The pirates also have connections to the evil Dr. Nega.


Stealing Sol Emeralds[]

Captain Whisker and his crew attempted to steal the Sol Emeralds for Dr. Nega and Dr. Eggman. However, they were thwarted in their intentions by Blaze the Cat, Sonic the Hedgehog, Marine the Raccoon, and Miles "Tails" Prower. (SRA)

Another crew of pirates established a base on one of the Sol Zone's islands, led by a captain named Boltbeard. However, Boltbeard's reign came to an end after he was defeated and destroyed by a rebuilt Metal Sonic v3.0, who afterwards became known as Captain Metal. Sailing a highly advanced and heavily armed vessel known as the Metal Marauder, this group defeated many of their rivals and managed to capture the last of the Sol Emeralds. Their prize quickly earned them the enmity of Blaze and her allies on Team Rose, who with the Ocean Tornado-captained by Marine and manned by the Coconut Crew-engaged the pirates in battle. However, Metal's ship proved the more formidable, thanks in part to the services of Bean the Dynamite and Bark the Polar Bear, whom the pirates had rescued after their unexpected teleportation to the Sol Zone. The battle ended with the pirates' capture of the Blaze and the Ocean Tornado's destruction, seemingly with all hands lost aboard. The pirates then returned to their island, where they unveiled their latest weapon: the Egg O' War, a massive airship that had mysteriously appeared in their territory, and which they had repaired in preparation to power it using the Sol Emeralds. (SU: #55, #56)

Metal's crew were then hit by a series of rapid surprises: Team Rose's reappearance-aided by the Sprockets-the theft of the Sol Emerald by Bean and Bark, and its theft from them by Whisker's underling Johnny. Team Rose subsequently commandeered the Marauder, forcing its crew to help them pursue the thief. A battle then took place between the two crews, who were both menaced by the Kraken before the metal monster was destroyed. However, Metal soon regained the Sol Emerald, and left with it and Blaze to power up the Egg O' War. With the Marauder sinking, Team Rose-now aligned with Bean and Bark-took command of Metal's submarine, forcing his subordinates Swash and Buckle to depart for home without transportation. The Marauder's crew jumped ship to join Whisker's, and their vessel soon fled to escape the rising Egg O' War. Fortunately, Blaze defeated Metal and sunk the warship by transforming into Burning Blaze.(SU: #57, #58)

Seeking Treasure[]

The first crew of Sol Zone Pirates, led by the nefarious Captain Whisker, first appeared to trouble the residents of an island that was also home to Marine the Raccoon. They eventually discovered a Chaos Emerald in the young adventurer's possession, and stole it only to run afoul of Sonic the Hedgehog and Tails. The pair from Mobius teamed up with Marine and later Blaze the Cat to do battle with the pirates, confronting their leader Dr. Nega as well. They succeeded in reclaiming the Chaos Emerald, and the pirates fled to cause future troubles for the Sol Zone. (StH: #180, SU: #1)


Background Information[]

  • The Sol Zone Pirates are based on the villains of the game Sonic Rush Adventure. Whisker's crew were featured in the game itself, while Metal's crew were obviously derived from the robotic pirate concept.