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The Sol Emeralds.

The Sol Emeralds are mystical gems from the Sol Zone and are that universe's equivalent to the Chaos Emeralds of the Prime Zone. The Sol Emeralds are protected by Blaze the Cat.


Early usage

Pirate Plunder

Eventually, Blaze managed to recover all but one of the Sol Emeralds, and set out to recover the red one with help from the rest of Team Rose, Marine, and the Coconut Crew aboard the Ocean Tornado. They eventually learned that it had been claimed by a crew of Sol Zone Pirates, led by the nefarious Captain Metal, who had designs for the gem that included the other six Emeralds and Blaze herself. (SU: #55)


Although the full extent of the powers of the Sol Emeralds are still a mystery, their existence in Blaze's world seem to be highly important, as the zone seemed to become unstable when they went missing.

Background Information

  • The name of the Sol Emeralds likely comes from the Latin root word sol, meaning "sun".
  • It seems that in order to keep reality in the Sol Zone stable, all seven Sol Emeralds need to be kept together. If even one of the emeralds is separated from the rest, the effects it has in Blaze's reality can be catastrophic.
  • In the Sonic video game series, the Sol Emeralds share such a deep and important connection to Blaze's world that they can seemingly draw her world to them, should the emeralds leave their world.

Status/Location of the Sol Emeralds

  • The locations of the Sol Emeralds are as follows:
Color Status/Location
  • Retrieved by Blaze. (SU: #55)
  • 'Currently in Blaze's possession'
  • Retrieved by Blaze. (SU: #55) 
  • 'Currently in Blaze's possession'
  • Retrieved by Blaze. (SU: #55)
  • 'Currently in Blaze's possession'
  • Retrieved by Blaze. (SU: #55)
  • 'Currently in Blaze's possession'
  • Retrieved by Blaze. (SU: #55)
  • 'Currently in Blaze's possession'
  • Retrieved by Blaze. (SU: #55)
  • 'Currently in Blaze's possession'
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