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Smalls the Cat is an alternate Moebian counterpart of Big the Cat and the cell mate of Scourge the Hedgehog in the No Zone prison. Appearance-wise, he looks no different than Big, except his colors are reversed and has a scar over his right eye. He frequently bullied Scourge, with actions such as slamming his face on a table and also stole his mattress so he was forced to sleep on just bed springs. At the start of the Destructix's prison break, Smalls noticed their cell door opened and taunted Scourge about helping him escape if he carried Smalls, unaware that Scourge's Control Collar was deactivated. Scourge then responded by spin dashing Smalls through the bed and into the ceiling of their cell, leaving him unconscious as he made his escape. (SU: #29, #30, #31)

Background Information

  • Smalls' name in relation to Big may be a reference to the deceased rapper "Biggie Smalls".
  • Originally, it was unknown which Zone Smalls came from, though it was commonly believed that he came from Moebius, considering Scourge's familiarity with him and his personality being a twisted version of Big's. This indeed was revealed to be the case by writer and Smalls' creator, Ian Flynn, in his podcast, BumbleKast.
    • Ian Flynn revealed during an interview with the Youtube channel "Find The Computer Room" that Smalls was locked in No Zone Prison because he was travelling the different zones killing their respective Froggys.
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