Digital Sling Rings

Sally and Nicole utilizing Sling Rings to dupe Phage.

Sling Rings are devices resembling Power Rings that possess the unique property to create energy links between themselves.


Dr. Ellidy invented the Sling Rings some time after retiring to Isolated Island. Knuckles the Echidna, the Chaotix, and Mighty the Armadillo employed the Sling Rings during their team confrontation with Dr. Eggman and his forces. The Chaotix apparently retained their Rings and later used them to allow Charmy Bee to carry Vector and Espio over long distances. Vector disliked this system, though Espio preferred it to trusting Charmy to carry the two of them by his own power. When Charmy inadvertently dropped his Ring in flight over Pumpkin Hill Zone, Knuckles was able to catch it and carry Espio and Vector to safety. Nicole would later digitally recreate a Sling Ring to connect her and Sally Acorn during their battle with Phage in the Digital World. (KC, SU: #63, #74)

Background Information

  • The Sling Rings are from the game Knuckles' Chaotix, and are also known by various names such as Tethers or Link Rings.
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