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The subject of this article appeared before the Super Genesis Wave.

Biographical information
Physical description
  • Black cape
  • Black boots
  • Black bounty hunter suit with grey emblem
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Brute strength

Sleet is a Wolf bounty hunter who hails from the Sonic Underground dimension. He is partners with Dingo and, together, have a reoccurring employer in Dr. Robotnik.


Sleet and Dingo made contact with Evil Sonic who came to the Underground Zone searching for pieces of the Giant Borg for Robo-Robotnik. The two bounty hunters would mistake him for their local version of Sonic the Hedgehog and proceeded to capture him and bring him to Dr. Robotnik. (SSS: #10)

The two bounty hunters gave Evil Sonic to their employer. Evil Sonic would mistake the Underground Robotnik for Robo-Robotnik and give him all the pieces of the Giant Borg. Despite this, Dr. Robotnik had Sleet and Dingo taken away to a confinement cell to await robotization. (SSS: #10)

Sleet and Dingo would be seen later leaving the prison, Dingo asking Sleet if they would receive raises for capturing Sonic the Hedgehog. An aristocrat-disguised Sonia and Manic would successfully sneak beyond the two clueless bounty hunters so they could free Evil Sonic. (SSS: #10)

Background Information[]

  • Both Dingo and Sleet have extreme visual differences between SSS: #10 and the actual Sonic Underground TV show, such as Dingo having green hair in the comic but on the show it's yellow.
  • In the Sonic Underground TV Series, Sleet also has a remote control that could shapeshift Dingo into anything he wished, oddly, this wasn't seen in the comics. He was voiced by Maurice LaMarche.

    Sleet, as he appeared in the animated series.