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Skye Prower profile
Skye Prower
Biographical information

8 (born in the day 185, 3258)



Physical description


  • Fur: Orange and white
  • Skin: White
  • Eyes: Light Blue
  • Blue and yellow boots
  • White knee socks
  • White gloves with blue lining
  • Spatial armband
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Flight
  • Mechanical aptitude

Skye Prower is the son of Miles and Mina Prower, and the younger brother to Melody Prower. He existed in the original Light Mobius future and was preserved in the altered one by the efforts of his father, Miles. In the new timeline, he became a member of the Future Freedom Fighters.


Unaltered Timeline

In the original future, Skye moved with his family to Downunda shortly before Lara-Su's Unveiling. In a flashback of the departure recalled by Sally, it is indicated that he was good friends with Manik Acorn, similar to the relationship between his father and Sonic. (StH: #138)

Five Years of Peace Celebration

Skye accompanied his sister and parents to King Sonic's five year rule celebration. He was rather nervous about being around so many people and couldn't even say "hello" to Lara-Su when he saw her. He later sat on his father's shoulders to get a better look at the event and saw a missile heading toward King Sonic and his family, and how it was destroyed by Silver the Hedgehog. (SU: #5)

Future Freedom Fighter


Skye as part of the Future Freedom Fighters.

Skye and Melody were dropped off near a curb by their mother as she went to confront the Dark Presence. Lara-Su and King Sonic comforted the scared children when they found them and took them to Argyle the Crocodile. The Crocodile welcomed them warmly, and also revealed that he had two other guests, Jacques D'Coolette and his sister Belle D'Coolette, who along with the newcomers were candidates for a new team of Freedom Fighters. As the Future Freedom Fighters launched their first attack against Shadow, Skye defeated Dark Presence guards by running into them while flying erratically as he, Melody, and Lara-Su infiltrated Castle Mobius. Just as victory seemed in the group's grasp, they were confronted with Tikhaos, a monstrous creature unleashed by the evil former king. (SU: #6, #7)

Skye and Melody were assigned to distract the entity by Lara-Su, while Jacques and Belle attacked it. Just as Skye hit many of the monster's arms at once, Belle saved him from the arms trying to attack him and she told him not to "over-do it" when he got dizzy. Mina then saved him and Melody and questioned as to why they were "in the middle of this". Skye and Melody then told her that they wanted to help before they went back to attack. After Sonic got a plan together, both he and Tails worked to clear a path for him. After the fight, Belle hugged Skye, to his surprise. He then got ready with the rest of the team for anything. (SU: #8)



Skye Prower

Unlike his sister Melody, Skye is shown to be a rather shy individual, particularly in the presence of large crowds or unfamiliar situations, much like his mother in her early years. Skye gets very flustered around girls, as shown when he couldn't answer Lara-Su when she asked how he was doing. He showed a similar reaction to Belle D'Coolette; Skye's mother was also timid in her youth, and is the likely source of his shyness. Skye also seems to have inherited a bit of his father's intelligence, but lacks the experience with computers and machines to do much about it. (CSE)


Like his father Miles, Skye can fly using his two Fox tails. He has not seemed to master this ability yet, however, as his sister Melody Prower stated, "He's still learning to fly! He can't do it like Dad does!" This can work to his advantage, however, as he can fly at high speeds while twirling in the air and can attack multiple enemies by bouncing off of them and the surrounding area. He also appears to to share his father's mechanical talent, being described as a "bashful builder". (SU: #7)

Background Information

  • Skye Prower is named for Tails' flight ability (flying in the sky).
  • Interestingly, Skye has inherited his father's mutation of two tails.
  • The sides of his face have been miscolored white in some issues.
  • In Sonic Universe #7, as he and Lara-Su were rejoining The other Freedom Fighters, his boots were accidentally drawn as shoes identical to those worn by Prime Tails.
  • Skye is shown wearing a vest on the cover of Sonic Universe #8.
  • Skye may be a reference to the name of the application Skype.
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