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For the Knothole Freedom Fighters' base from the Pre-Super Genesis Wave Timeline, see Freedom HQ.

Sky Patrol Underside Angle
Sky Patrol
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Sky Patrol is a flying aircraft constructed by Rotor and Tails, with Tails insisting on the name. It serves as the Knothole Freedom Fighters mobile base of operations, serving as a counterpart to Dr. Eggman's Death Egg.


Creation and Early Use[]

Rotor explained that Sky Patrol was created to serve as an answer to the Death Egg and any other aircraft that Eggman built. The Freedom Fighters constructed the Sky Patrol in utmost secrecy near the Mystic Ruins in order to prevent Eggman and his minions from locating it, with Amy Rose and Big the Cat standing guard. It's development continued as Sonic the Hedgehog and Tails searched for the scattered Knothole Freedom Fighters, and was constructed to accommodate a complement of twenty-four. Later, once the Freedom Fighters had been reunited, the Sky Patrol was launched on its maiden voyage in a rush to escape the effects of the Shattered World Crisis. It was then swiftly taken into action as part of crisis management in Station Square before being relieved by the Letter of Gabriel. (StH: #253, #256, #257, SSSM: #9)

Sky Patrol Weapons Systems

The Sky Patrol's arsenal.

The Sky Patrol was subsequently used by the Freedom Fighters to catch up to the Egg Train carrying Sir Charles Hedgehog and Professor Pickle. The two professors were brought aboard the craft to transport them to safety, and during their brief stay they discussed what they had learned about current crisis and its connections to the legend of Dark Gaia. Around this time, the Freedom Fighters participated in a training exercise in the simulation room. In pursuit of the Gaia Temples and Chaos Emeralds needed to return the world to normal, the Freedom Fighters used the Sky Patrol to travel to Crystal Cave and Meropis, where they managed to recover an Emerald and meet new allies. They then traveled to Soumerca, where they continued disaster relief efforts and also set out to claim another Chaos Emerald. At about this time, Dr. Eggman launched an attack on the Sky Patrol with his new Badnik Horde Commander, War Walrus, but was defeated by the Sky Patrol's defense systems. However, he immediately began preparing for a future attack, this time using a Tails Doll. (StH: #258, #259, #260, #262, #263, #264, #265, SSSM: #10)

Eggman's chance soon came when the Sky Patrol arrived in the Sand Hill Zone in search of another Chaos Emerald, this time without Sonic aboard. Both Team Freedom and Team Fighters were deployed, only to run into a dual set of traps set for them. This forced Cream the Rabbit to lead a small squad of reserves to their rescue, unaware that their departure opened a window for the Tails Doll to board the ship. The Freedom Fighters managed to return to the Sky Patrol without recovering the Emerald, but were rejoined by Sonic. Upon learning of the Chaos Emerald Championship set up by Breezie the Hedgehog, the Freedom Fighters registered Team Fighters-Sonic, Amy, and Tails-for the tournament. Sally contacted both her father King Acorn and Breezie as part of an effort to purchase the Emerald rather than risk losing it in the tournament, but Breezie refused to part with it any other way. The remaining Freedom Fighters, who were unable to register, watched the tournament from the Sky Patrol, and later welcomed Knuckles the Echidna and Chip aboard. At about the same time they were contacted by Gregorios, which led to them sending scouts to Apotos. After an attack by Dark Gaia's Minions, Sally led a team to Isolated Island to check up on Dr. Ellidy, and later contacted Rotor on the Sky Patrol while there. The group soon rejoined the ship and set out for Apotos, where they made contact with Gregorios and learned of the Gaia Keys. Afterwards, the ship traveled to the Crystal Desert Zone to pick up another Chaos Emerald, which the group managed to do after tangling with Metal Sonic. (StH: #266, #267, #268, #269, #271, #272; SU: #71, #72, #74, #75)

Worlds Unite[]

The Freedom Fighters continued their search for the items needed to restore the world, but the Sky Patrol was soon taken to Mobotropolis when word reached them of an attack. The Freedom Fighters, Knuckles, and resident robot Gemerl ended up battling M'egga Man of the Roboticized Masters, only to be defeated. The Unity Engines set up by M'egga Man and his counterpart Sonic Man on Mobius and Earth 20XX were then activated, and began merging the two worlds together. The Sky Patrol then became the base of operations for the following heroes: the Freedom Fighters, Knuckles, and Gemerl; Mega City allies Mega Man, Dr. Thomas Light, Roll, Auto, Break Man, Quake Woman, and Wily's Robot Masters; the Maverick Hunters X, Zero, and Axl; and Sticks the Badger, Comedy Chimp, and Fastidious Beaver of Team Sticks. As the heroes coordinated their plans for thwarting the evil Sigma-1, the villain responsible for the plight of their worlds, they were unexpectedly joined aboard the Sky Patrol by Eggman, Dr. Albert W. Wily, and Xander Payne, courtesy of a Genesis Portal created by the latter. With information provided by the villains, the Sky Patrol set course for the Lost Hex and Sigma's base. (SU: #76, #77; SB: #8; StH: #273; MM: #50]]

Repairing the Planet[]

The Sky Patrol was soon used to drop off Sonic and the Freedom Fighters to various regions to obtain th Gaia Keys: Holoska, Stone Stormlands Zone, Shamar, Mazuri, Spagonia, Chun-Nan, and Adabat. After obtaining all seven Gaia Keys, Sonic and Sally made a worldwide broadcast to their allies, revealing thier plan to repair the planet. (StH: #276, #277, #278, #280, #281, #283)



Sky Patrol Bridge

The Bridge

  • Bridge (StH: #253)-The command center of the Sky Patrol. It contains 4 command centers and the captain's chair.
  • Meeting Room (StH: #256)
  • Hangar (SSSM: #10)-The launch base and storage area for the Freedom Fighters' aircraft, such as the Tornado, Twister, and Speed Star.
  • Engine Room (SSSM: #10)
  • Simulation Room (SSSM: #11)
  • Bedrooms (SSSM: #10)
  • Bathroom(s) (StH: #265)
  • Medical Bay (StH: #265)
  • Zen Garden (StH: #265)
  • Comic Book & Video Game Library (StH: #265)
  • Elevator (SU: #77)
  • Kitchen (StH: #267)-Has an entire corner devoted to chili dogs.
  • Brig (SU: #77)

Background Information[]

  • The name "Sky Patrol" could be a reference to the game Gear Game, "Tails Sky Patrol." This was later confirmed in Sonic Super Special Magazine Issue 9.
  • The Sky Patrol's shape is based on the bumpers from the games, and its underside and wings are reminiscent of the original Sonic the Hedgehog logo.
  • Each of the Sky Patrol's weapons systems is taken from non-Archie Media:
    • The Laser Blaster was an optional weapon for E-102 Gamma in Sonic Adventure.
    • The Particle Beam Cannon is a weapon utilized by the Heavy Dog and Blue Falcon mechs in Shadow the Hedgehog.
    • The Omochao Gun is an unlockable weapon from Shadow the Hedgehog.
    • The Sonic Power Cannon is the primary weapon of the Blue Typhoon from the anime Sonic X.
    • The Anti-Air Missiles are based on a weapon from Tails' Adventure.
    • The Volkan Cannon was a weapon usable by Tails' Cyclone walker and Eggman's Eggwalker in Sonic Adventure 2.