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The subject of this article appeared before and after the Super Genesis Wave.
Skull Egg Zone

Dr. Wily and Dr. Eggman meeting in the Skull Egg Zone

The Skull Egg Zone is a pocket zone that links the Prime Zone and the alternate planet Earth in the Year 20XX. It was accessible through the Interdimensional Gateway.


A World Between[]

The Skull Egg Zone was created by Doctors Eggman and Wily using the blue Chaos Emerald, in order for the two to meet and work on their plans to take over both of their worlds. To help them with this, they created the zone outside of the normal laws of space and time. This allowed them to accomplish hours worth of work in the zone while mere seconds passed in their home world. Additionally, they could use the zone's properties to create or recreate things-most notably robots-from their home zones such as the Robot Master known as Bass. The zone was used to secretly construct the Wily Egg and to set off the second Genesis Wave, which reset both of the doctors' worlds, the zone serving as an area where the two of them could remain immune to the wave's effects. The name of the zone came as a compromise: Wily wanted to call it the "Skull Secret Zone", while Eggman wanted to dub it the "Egg Pocket Zone." From within the zone, the two doctors continued their efforts to achieve dominion over both their universes, starting by kidnapping several of Sonic the Hedgehog's allies from Mobius and transforming them into the Roboticized Masters. These minions were then dispatched to obtain the other Chaos Emeralds, running into Mega Man and Proto Man as a result. Eggman and Wily played this to their advantage, however, by using Metal Sonic v3.0 and Copybot to trick Mega Man and Sonic into battling each other. (MM: #24, SU: #51)

Skull Egg Zone 2

Mega Man and Sonic arrive in the zone.

The evil doctors observed the battle between their adversaries in the Green Hill Zone, and dispatched Bass and Metal Sonic to capture Dr. Light intervened by creating a Warp Ring that allowed Mega Man to lure Sonic through to Mega City. Subsequently, the two heroes learned that they had been duped, but returned to Light Labs too late to prevent Dr. Light from being taken into the Skull Egg Zone. Teaming up, the two heroes-along with Proto Man, Rush, and a rescued Tails-entered the Skull Egg Zone in order to rescue their missing friends. Once inside the zone, they were soon challenged by Copybot and the Genesis Unit, who had been dispatched by the doctors to halt their progress. The heroes proved victorious in the ensuing battle, but during the course of the fight the doctors obtained the last Chaos Emerald. With their plan nearing fruition, Wily and Eggman decided upon a new plan for dealing with the heroes: dispatching the Roboticized Masters to challenge them. After a brief confrontation, the two opposing parties were split as Proto Man left to find Dr. Light, leading several of the Masters after him. The remaining heroes then succeeded in restoring the Chaotix to their organic forms, and the trio of detectives were then sent to join Proto Man. (StH: #248, #249, MM: #25, SU: Archie Sonic Universe Issue 52)

As Mega Man and Sonic's group continued to traverse the strange terrain of the Skull Egg Zone, they were challenged by another pair of opponents: Shadow Man of the Roboticized Masters and Shadow Man of the Robot Masters. They succeeded in restoring Shadow the Hedgehog to his normal form, and he subsequently destroyed Shadow Man before teleporting away. His use of Chaos Control disrupted the Skull Egg Zone slightly, and reawakened the heroes' memories of how their worlds had been before the doctors' tampering with reality. Continuing on, the group encountered Silver Man and Blaze Woman, whom they subsequently restored to their normal forms of Silver the Hedgehog and Blaze the Cat. This left only two Roboticized Masters, Rose Woman and Knuckles Man, who were called away from pursuing Proto Man and the Chaotix in order to attack Sonic and Mega Man's party. After a brief but intense battle, they too were restored to normal as Amy Rose and Knuckles the Echidna. At the same time, Rouge the Bat had boarded the Wily Egg and sabotaged it with some guidance from Dr. Light forcing it to come to a stop. As luck would have it, the Chaotix and Proto Man found it as it hovered above a pair of massive statues of the evil doctors, whose hands supported a teleporter pad that Proto Man determined could be used to board the flying fortress. With this information, Sonic's party split up in order to collect their various allies from around the Skull Egg Zone. (MM: #26, SU: #52)

Skull Egg Zone Wily Egg

Where the Wily Egg stopped after being sabotaged.

The heroes-joined by E-123 Omega and the restored Roboticized Masters-arrived at the gathering point only to face a major obstacle: a massive army of Robot Masters, led by the newly transformed Rouge Woman. The two sides engaged in a fierce battle, which eventually resulted in Rouge's restoration to normal. It continued after Mega Man and Sonic boarded the Wily Egg to confront the doctors, though the sheer number of Robot Masters began to wear the heroes down. At this point, an ally arrived from Mega Man's world in the form of Duo. The powerful robot, upon entering the Skull Egg Zone, determined that it was a parasite of sorts, not simply linking the two universes but damaging them as well. Taking over for Sonic and Mega Man in fighting the Chaos Devil, he charged them with putting an end to this evil. Unfortunately, the two heroes were subsequently captured by the mad doctors, who unveiled their full plan: to use the Genesis Reactor, powered by all seven Chaos Emeralds, to completely rewrite their respective realities. As they explained this, Eggman revealed that the Skull Egg Zone was indeed a danger to both universes, but that the effects of the Super Genesis Wave they would generate would undo any damage. Unfortunately for the doctor, the Light Labs Robot Masters arrived to assist the heroes outside the Wily Egg, allowing Proto Man, Knuckles, Dr. Light, and Rush to come to Mega Man and Sonic's aid. After a lengthy battle with the doctors in their Egg-Wily Machine X, Super Sonic and Super Mega Man prevailed, though the Skull Egg Zone and both worlds were consumed by the Super Genesis Wave. The heroes later undid this event, though Sonic's efforts met with interference from Eggman. (StH: #250, #251, MM: #27, SU: #54)


Though the Skull Egg Zone itself was apparently erased, the events that had transpired there had a lingering effect on Sonic's universe. Curiously, Amy Rose was apparently transported to the Sol Zone after the Skull Egg Zone ceased to exist, rather than being returned to the Prime Zone. Additionally, Blaze the Cat retained her memories of being in the Skull Egg Zone despite reality being rewritten. (SU: #55)

Background Information[]

  • The Skull Egg Zone is a hodge-podge of elements from various Sonic and Mega Man levels, such as the Green Hill Zone.