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Sir Connery the Horse
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Unknown (Died 3237)

  • Knight of the Kingdom of Acorn
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  • Skilled swordsman

Sir Connery was a Mobian horse and Knight in the service of the Kingdom of Acorn. During the time of Maximillian Acorn, he was called away by the Ancient Walkers to become their Paladin, and charged with tracking down and destroying dark magical forces on Mobius. A deep believer in the Ancient Walkers and valiant warrior, Connery performed his duties with grace and excellence, becoming affiliated with the Knothole Freedom Fighters as time went on. Connery perished bravely in battle, during a failed attempt to slay Mammoth Mogul with his own magical abilities, though he succeeded in destroying the corrupted Source of All.


Paladin of the Ancient Walkers[]

SirConnery attacking

Sir Connery attacking Black Death and the Enchantress

Originally a member of the court of the Kingdom of Acorn, Sir Connery left the side of King Maximillian Acorn to answer the call of the Ancient Walkers. Gifted with the magical Sword of Light, he was given the task of slaying all evil magic users on Mobius. (StH: #162)

His exploits are largely unknown except for the time he came to the aid of Knuckles the Echidna against the evil Black Death and his partner the Enchantress. Apparently having met them before, Connery broke through the wall of their inner sanctum, disrupting the spell of domination the Enchantress had placed on Knuckles. While Knuckles defeated Black Death, Connery overcame the Enchantress, putting an end to the duo's plans to enslave the Freedom Fighters and Chaotix as they had enslaved Knuckles. Incapacitating or killing the two with his sword, Connery dragged them off, leaving Knuckles to continue his search for the Sword of Acorns with the advice that he should seek Mathias Poe in one of the caverns of Angel Island. (StH: #45, #46)

Connery would later presumably kill Poe, and later the alchemist Damocles the Elder, whom Poe had constructed a dummy of to hide the royal sword, as both were dark magic users.

New Task[]

With his duty to destroy Dark Magic finished and his work completed, Connery was charged with guarding Merlin Prower and his precious captive, Mammoth Mogul, who was now trapped in his own Chaos Emerald. The two were tasked with the quest of locating the Sword and Crown of Acorns and using their power to heal the Ancient Walkers, which had been mortally wounded by Mogul previous. With the majority of the Source of All vaporized in the nuclear destruction of Robotropolis, the Sword and Crown were essential to saving the Ancient Walkers. Despite the seriousness of the quest, Connery bonded and had a strong friendship with Merlin, as he was told all about his beloved nephew and Chosen One; Miles "Tails" Prower. (StH: #162)

Though initially contested and overwhelmed by the Destructix, the Freedom Fighters and Chaotix quickly came to their aid. Upon dispatching the villains, Connery and Merlin appeared before King Elias Acorn. Despite the promising beginning to their quest to locate the Sword and rejoin it with the Crown, they were informed that the Sword was in possession of the Arachne. Around this same time, the Arachne used the Sword to create a dimensional breach in the Egg Vineyard to open a portal to the Zone of Silence, thus freeing their master Ixis Naugus. This dimensional breach pushed the Ancient Walkers past their breaking point and caused their deaths. With their charm over the Chaos Emerald gone, Mogul managed to break free, threatening revenge against those who had worked for the Ancient Walkers. (StH: #162)

Final Battle and Demise[]

Sword of Light

Sir Connery holding the Sword of Light, explaining his mission to Elias.

Learning of the Ancient Walkers' fate, Sir Connery vowed Mogul would rue the day he slew the noblest beings to grace Mobius. However, Mogul used his magic powers to knock everyone out and obtain the Crown of Acorns from Elias, leaving the scene. Sir Connery then joined forces with the Knothole Freedom Fighters and the Chaotix in their venture to retrieve the Crown of Acorns. A three-way battle ensued when Ixis Naugus and the Arachne battled against Mogul and the Destructix along with the Freedom Fighters and Chaotix. Sir Connery focused his attacks on Mogul during the battle, though was unable to compete against Mogul's Chaos powers. The battle turned into a two-way fight when Naugus joined forces with Mogul and his minions. (StH: #163)

During the all-out battle against the combined forces of Mammoth Mogul, Ixis Naugus, the Arachne and the Destructix, Connery sought out and confronted Mogul alone. Connery witnessed the Crown violently reject Sonic the Hedgehog and Elias' attempts to purge it of Mogul's taint, and recognized it had been permanently corrupted by Mogul's harsh magics. Connery called out to Mogul, vowing not to allow the remnants of the Source of All to remain in his possession and, despite his success in wiping out Dark Magic worldwide, saw he had but one more task at hand. As Sir Connery and Mammoth Mogul circled each other, both taunted the other. After being pinned down by Mogul and realizing he could not defeat him simply in a sword duel, Sir Connery decided the only way to end Mogul's rampage was to channel his own life force through the Sword of Light. Doing this, he focused his entire life force into a single attack, destroying the corrupted Source of All and the Sword and Crown of Acorns, though rendering his body little more than ashes. (StH: #164)


After the battle ended with Dr. Eggman capturing all of the villains with his Egg Fleet and flying away, King Elias decided the best way to honor Sir Connery was to fight on. Sir Connery's Sword of Light became the new symbol of the House of Acorn and would be passed on from generation to generation. (StH: #164)

Connery's remains were gathered up and buried in Knothole Graveyard. The remains of Tommy Turtle were later buried beside him. (StH: #170)

Although Sir Connery and Tommy Turtle's graves were most likely destroyed during the Destruction of Knothole, it is presumed new graves were made by NICOLE in New Mobotropolis, though this remains unknown.


An honorable and chivalrous warrior, Sir Connery was unswervingly loyal to the Ancient Walkers in whatever task they gave him. He despised evil in all its forms, particularly of the magical nature. Connery's manner was rather medieval in speech and behavior, but he was a champion for good willing to pay any price to thwart the forces of evil.


Originally, Connery possessed only his natural skills and strengths (like those of an average Mobian), most notably his sword fighting abilities, and proficiency in hand-to-hand combat. These abilities were enhanced during his service to the Ancient Walkers, as he was given the Sword of Light, that increased his sword fighting skills and gave him an advantage against magicians who would ordinarily prove beyond his abilities. Connery also received his own brand of magical abilities, most notably longevity, which allowed him to remain at his physical prime during his quest.

Background information[]

  • It is believed that Sir Connery's name is derived from the well known actor, Sir Sean Connery who played the Green Knight in Sword of the Valiant.
  • Connery holds the tenth longest "non-appearance gap" in the main comic series at 116 issues (StH #46-162).
  • It is unknown why certain dark magic users—namely the Iron Queen and Dr. Finitevus—were not included in Connery's purge. But it is possible that in Dr. Finitevus's case, Sir Connery was unaware of his existence due to the corrupt nature of Finitevus' Chaos powers. In the Iron Queen's case, it could be because her power is derived from Magitek and not from the Chaos Force as other dark magic users' powers. Additionally, both were known to be part of large groups that Connery would not have been able to break through to reach them without help, whereas his other targets were all single wielders of magic.
  • There are two possible reasons why Connery was depicted as a horse. One is that knights in the Middle Ages used to ride on horses, in the other is that in chess, the knight pieces are often in the shape of a horse's head.
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