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The subject of this article appeared after the Super Genesis Wave.
Current Continuity

Silver Sonic Reboot
Silver Sonic
Biographical information
  • Silver Sonic - Prototype Version
    • N/A
  • Silver Sonic
    • N/A
  • Silver Sonic - Prototype Version
  • Silver Sonic
    • Dr. Eggman
  • Silver Sonic - Prototype Version
    • Super Badnik
  • Silver Sonic
    • Badnik Commander

Robotic Duplicate

Physical description

Sonic the Hedgehog

Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Silver Sonic - Prototype Version
    • Enhanced speed
    • Extendable arms
  • Silver Sonic
    • Super strength
    • Enhanced speed
    • Spin-dash rolling attack

Silver Sonic is a robot created by Dr. Eggman in the likeness of Sonic the Hedgehog, but much larger, bulkier, and covered in silver armor. Eggman has employed various models over the years in his efforts to defeat his Hedgehog nemesis.


Battle Aboard the Death Egg[]

Sonic dodges Silver Sonic

Sonic dodges an attack by Silver Sonic.

The earliest known Silver Sonic prototype was actually not activated until after the first one was destroyed. The first encounter with a Silver Sonic model was aboard the Death Egg in the skies above Westside Island. After Snively fled the Wing Fortress via the Egg Jet, Tails gave Sonic a lift with the Tornado, and Sonic caught up the the fleeing doctor. After arriving at the Death Egg, Eggman unleashed this version of Silver Sonic to battle Sonic, who surprised Sonic with an attack from behind. Sonic quickly made work of the Super Badnik as, although it was much bigger and stronger than Sonic, it was too slow to keep up with the Hedgehog's speed. (StH: #289)

Relying on the Prototype[]

Silver Sonic Prototype Attacks

The Silver Sonic prototype version attacks Sonic.

Following Dr. Eggman's defeat aboard the Death Egg along with the destruction of the second Silver Sonic model, Dr. Eggman attempted to throw together what little he had left in an effort to defeat Sonic the Hedgehog in an all new plan where he kidnapped Sonic's friend Tails. The Silver Sonic Prototype appeared to oppose Sonic the Hedgehog in the Scrambled Egg Zone, where he was betrayed by Breezie the Hedgehog; however, Sonic was able to overcome the metallic menace. (VG: StH2-8b), StH: #269)

An updated version-closer in size to Sonic-was also known to be in a base in the Mystic Ruins during Dr. Eggman's efforts to take over the world using Chaos. (VG: SA/SADX)

Badnik Commander[]

Another Silver Sonic, serving as a Badnik commander, arrived at the hidden construction site of the Knothole Freedom Fighters' Sky Patrol after several of its underlings discovered the craft and engaged Rotor Walrus, Sonic, Tails, and Big the Cat. The titanic robot swiftly moved in to attack the heroes, but its Spin-Dash was intercepted by Big, who threw it up into the range of the Sky Patrol's defensive turrets, allowing Rotor to cripple it with a devastating shot. (StH: #253)

Later, Silver Sonic returned to face against Sonic, Big the Cat, and Dulcy the Dragon in Chun-Nan, along with Egg Boss Conquering Storm. (StH: #281)


Prototype Version[]

Silver Sonic Prototype Profile

The prototype Silver Sonic was about the same size as Sonic himself, but equipped with a jetpack and crushing claw hands on the end of extending arms.



This Silver Sonic is modeled after Sonic the Hedgehog and his abilities, but is also much larger. The robot model is bulky but combat-capable with saw-blade quills, rocket boosters, and a metallic spikeball-version of the Spin Attack.

Modern (Badnik Horde Commander)[]

Silver Sonic Reboot

Silver Sonic is massive and heavily armored, strong enough to rip through dense jungle vegetation. Being based on Sonic, it has the ability to perform a Spin-Dash and possesses great speed.

Background Information[]

  • Because Silver Sonic was in both the Genesis and Game Gear version of Sonic 2, this is technically the original mechanical Sonic, as its debut predates Metal Sonic.
  • The prototype Silver Sonic is based on a boss from the 8-bit version of Sonic the Hedgehog 2.
  • It was confirmed on Bumble cast that the prototype Silver Sonic was used because there was nothing left.[1]