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You may be looking for Mobius (future version), Light Mobius, or Dark Mobius, all of which are alternate future versions of Mobius in the Pre-Super Genesis Wave Timeline.

Onyx City, a location found in Silver's Future world.

Silver's Future is the home time period of Silver the Hedgehog, occurring roughly 200 years after the Prime Zone's present. The nature of this future timeline often changes due to Silver's time traveling altering the past, but it is always in differing states of turmoil due to various unrelated events that occur in the past, the reason Silver time travels in the first place.


Previous Timelines

In the earliest known incarnation of Silvers timeline, the world was doomed by the release of the monstrous Iblis. As a result, Silver's world was a desolate wasteland ravaged by flames and lava, with Silver attempting to stop it with the help of his friend, Blaze the Cat. An apparent ally eventually appeared in the form of Mephiles, who told them that they could undo the catastrophe by going back in time and eliminating the supposed "Iblis Trigger", Sonic the Hedgehog. Mephiles' claims proved to be lies, though the pair were able to stop Iblis, though at the cost of Blaze being trapped in another dimension. The events of this future were ultimately undone however, when Sonic and Princess Elise travelled to the past and snuffed out Iblis in its earliest form, leaving everyone involved with no memory of these events. (VG: S06)

This version of the future, despite no longer being connected to the main timeline, was later revisited by Sonic and his past self when time and space was distorted by the Time Eater. (VG: SG)

The next variation of Silver's future was under threat from machinations of Eggman Nega, forcing Silver to travel back in time to help stop him and the monstrous Ifrit. (VG: SRi, SRi2)

The Council and Genesis Portals


Known Inhabitants

Background Information

  • Silver's Future has been featured in the games, but-as in the comics-is constantly in flux due to Silver's time-traveling adventures.