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Current Continuity

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Shrine Isle

Shrine Isle

Shrine Isle is a small island adjacent to Angel Island that is the location of the Master Emerald.


Crises Ancient and Alien[]

During the events of The Shattered World Crisis, Knuckles was on Shrine Isle and witnessed the devastation to the world's surface as the planet split into multiple pieces. To his further surprise, Chaos emerged from the Master Emerald and plummeted towards the surface, and Tikal then addressed him. Tasked with finding Light Gaia and helping him restore the planet, Knuckles asked Relic the Pika and her assistant Fixit to stay on Shrine Isle and watch the Master Emerald in his absence. Knuckles subsequently returned here with Light Gaia's incarnation, Chip, and conversed with Tikal regarding what to do next. However, Relic then arrived to inform him that the island had been invaded by an alien force. This threat would prove to be Eclipse the Darkling and his Dark Arms, and their presence soon brought Team Dark to Shrine Isle in search of Knuckles. (SU: #63, #66, #67)

Background Information[]

  • In the games, namely Sonic Adventure, the Master Emerald is located on a small island of land connected to Angel Island by a bridge, upon which are the ruins of the former Emerald shrine.