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Sharps hanging out at Mina's house.

Sharps the Chicken is a Mobian chicken and the bassist for the Forget Me Knots. He's generally very laid back and doesn't speak much. He rarely takes off his dark shades. (StH: #200, StH: #220)

Background Information[]

  • Sharps is from the scrapped "Sonic the Hedgehog Band", which appeared in concept art prior to the 1991 release of the first ever Sonic the Hedgehog game; the band was supposed to play music when a player accessed the "Sound Test" option of the game.
  • Sharps was first addressed by name in StH #221.
  • Despite SEGA owning the rights to Sharps, and therefore allowing the character to be used again in the Post-Super Genesis Wave Timeline, he never returned.
  • The character as conceived by Sega was originally a parakeet. His comic counterpart was depicted as a chicken as a result of a common misconception regarding what his species is.

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