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You may be looking for the Robot Master of the same name. See: Shadow Man (Robot Master).

Shadow Man Profile
Shadow Man
First Appearance

Mega Man #24

Biographical information

Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily

Physical description

Shadow the Hedgehog

  • Colour: Black, Red, Yellow, and White
  • Eyes: Red
  • Serial Number: EWN-003
  • Chaos Cannon
Political Alignment and Abilities

Shadow Man is Shadow the Hedgehog after undergoing Roboticization and becoming one of the Roboticized Masters.



Shadow the Hedgehog was among the first four Mobians to be abducted in order to be turned into one of the Roboticized Masters. After being captured by Metal Sonic v3.0 and Bass along with Knuckles the Echidna, Amy Rose, and Tails, Shadow was transformed into Shadow Man. Together with his new teammates Knuckles Man, Rose Woman, and Tails Man, he attacked the Mega City bank, only to be confronted by Proto Man. Shadow Man's comrades quickly overwhelmed the Robot Master, only to attacked by Mega Man. Shadow Man quickly had his teammates attack the interloper while he transported the gray Chaos Emerald. He was briefly stunned by Mega Man's Mega Buster weapon, but managed to escape through a Warp Ring alongside his teammates and Metal Sonic. On orders from the Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily, he and his teammates split up after entering the Green Hill Zone, leaving Metal Sonic to continue antagonizing Mega Man while they made their way to a rendezvous point. Along with Knuckles Man and Rose Woman-Tails Man having stayed behind to observe the ensuing battle between the duped Mega Man and Sonic the Hedgehog-Shadow Man returned to the Wily Egg and presented the Chaos Emerald to his masters. (StH: #248, SU: #51, MM: #24)

Shadow Men

The two Shadow Man robots appear together.

Shadow Man and his remaining teammates-now joined by Silver Man, Blaze Woman, Vector Man, Charmy Man, and Espio Man-were soon dispatched to battle Sonic and Mega Man after the two heroes joined forces. After a brief battle, Shadow Man and most of the Masters were sent to pursue Proto Man deeper into the Skull Egg Zone, leaving the Roboticized Chaotix to deal with Sonic, Mega Man, the De-Roboticized Tails, and Rush. Following the restoration of the trio, Shadow Man was called away from the search, and the doctors decided to team him up with Wily's Shadow Man of the Robot Masters to challenge the heroes again. The two quickly made their attack, and gained a quick edge due to confusion between Sonic and Mega Man over their shared name. Shadow Man succeeded in using his Chaos Cannon on Sonic, trapping him in an energy ball that left him frozen. (StH: #249, SU: #52, MM: #26)

Shadow Man is Saved

Shadow Man turns back into Shadow.

Mega Man uses Espio Man's Chrono Camo to sneak up on Eggman's Shadow Man and follows up with Tails Man's weapon: Tails Wind, resulting in him losing hold of Sonic's frozen time state. Mega Man then uses the Sonic Blast to revert Shadow back to normal. Mega Man then uses the Chaos Cannon to freeze Shadow Man (Wily) in place. Mega Man helps Shadow to his feet, who introduces himself as "The Ultimate Life Form, suffering the ultimate humiliation". As his first act of revenge, he coldly decimates Shadow Man, despite the battle already being over. (MM: #26)


Like most Robians, Shadow Man has little to no personality beyond his devotion to Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily.


Shadow Man's abilities are enhanced from those of his organic self as a result of his Roboticization. He is also capable of passing freely between his own world and that of the Robot Masters due to his altered state. However, like the other Roboticized Masters, he is vulnerable to Mega Man's Mega Buster, which can temporarily stun him. His primary attack method is an energy blast drawing upon the Chaos Force, which is known as the Chaos Cannon. This blast allows him to create time-freezing bubbles around enemies, similar to his organic form's power of Chaos Control.

Background Information

  • Shadow Man shares his name with a Robot Master from the Mega Man series. His attack name is identical with that of a weapon created by Eggman and Dimitri during their one-time teamup in SSS #12.
  • Shadow Man's core has the same mark from the Shadow the Hedgehog game.


Shadow Man, as his name suggests, resembles a robotic version of Shadow with Robot Master properties. He has cylindrical legs that resemble a fusion between Shadow's actual legs and his air shoes. Unlike the other Roboticized Masters, he retains a somewhat Mobian muzzle-reminiscent of Metal Sonic's-with a black cone nose. He also has a small gray ridge beneath his red eyes. His red and and black fur has become metal armor, with silver and red protrusions on the sides of his head in place of his absent ears.

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