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The subject of this article appeared before the Super Genesis Wave.
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Shade with other members of the Nocturnus Clan.

Shade the Echidna was a Nocturnus Clan Echidna who was trapped in the Twilight Cage with the rest of her people.


During the Argus Event, Shade was teleported to the Twilight Cage alongside the other Nocturnus Echidnas, where they continued under the rule of Pir'Oth Ix. (CSE)

Background Information[]

  • Shade was featured only in the Mobius Timeline in The Complete Sonic Comic Encyclopedia, though an alternate version of her did appear in the Another Time, Another Place reality in a prologue to Sonic Chronicles.
  • Ian Flynn had planned to utilize Shade and the rest of the Nocturnus in the main comics, but has been left unable to do so due to the legal case launched by former head writer Ken Penders. Due to the similarities between the Nocturnus Clan and Dark Legion-and notably between Shade and Julie-Su-the Nocturnus are now off limits for use in the comics.
  • Prelate-JS bears a strong resemblance to Shade in her fully armored form.