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The subject of this article appeared before the Super Genesis Wave.

Sergeant Simian profile
Simon Simian
Biographical information


  • Unnamed grandfather
  • Sergeant Simian
  • Sergeant
Physical description
  • Military helmet
  • Green pants
  • Green boots
  • Ammo belt
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Hand To Hand Combat
  • Enhance Superhuman Strength
  • Weaponry expert

Simon, more commonly known as Sergeant Simian, was originally from a community of apes until he abandoned his people to join the Fearsome Foursome under Mammoth Mogul. Since then, he became a member of the Destructix who, with his cohorts, clashed several times with the Knothole Freedom Fighters and Chaotix. While originally the leader of the Fearsome Foursome, and thus the second-in-command to Mogul, he has also worked under Sleuth Dog, Dr. Finitevus, and Fiona Fox. He eventually came to work for Scourge as well, but only after the hedgehog proved he had the kind of strength to convince him to follow.


From Simon to Sergeant[]


Simian talks to his Grandfather about fighting Robotnik.

Before the First Robotnik War, Simon Simian lived in the Mobian Jungle with his grandfather among a colony of peaceful apes. When Dr. Robotnik's forces first began to spread out, his grandfather was shot at by robots and Simon demanded they go to war. The colony decided against it due to their peaceful ways, and Simon ran away to start his own war on Robotnik after he was discovered stockpiling weapons. However, during a lone assault on a base of Robotnik's, he became overwhelmed by SWATbots, facing certain death with no regrets. (SU: #30)

The next thing he knew, Simon woke up to discover that he was alive and unharmed, as Mammoth Mogul had rescued him. Simon's actions had impressed Mogul and he convinced the young ape to work for him with the promise of gaining power in the form of enhanced strength. He worked for Mammoth Mogul for a time and eventually returned home with permission, only to find colony had become militant and opposed Robotnik. Simon's grandfather admitted he had been right the whole time and asked him to become a sergeant and lead them in battle, but Simian just took the sergeant's sash, claiming they weren't worthy of him. He walked away from the colony, now known as Sergeant Simian. (SU: #30, CSE)

In the Fearsome Foursome[]

Like the rest of the Fearsome Foursome-Lightning Lynx, Predator Hawk, and Flying Frog-Sergeant Simian debuted as an agent of Mammoth Mogul's, attacking the Chaotix on his orders and specifically acting to counter the strength of Mighty the Armadillo. After being defeated and retreating from this battle, he would return to help Mogul in his bid to claim the Sword of Acorns by pitting the Chaotix and Freedom Fighters against each other. Simian's purpose involved serving as the substance behind Mogul's illusions of Mighty the Armadillo and Bunnie Rabbot, which initially had the two groups fighting. When the more level-headed members of each team noticed the errors in these illusions, however, the scheme was blown and Simian was captured along with his teammates. (SMM, SSS: #1)

Escaping Devil's Gulag[]

Srg Simon03

Simian escapes Devil's Gulag.

Along with the rest of the Fearsome Foursome, Sergeant Simian would be sent to Devil's Gulag and imprisoned for some time. However, due to the actions of an as yet concealed Dr. Eggman, the teammates were able to escape along with fellow criminals Snively Kintobor, Nack the Weasel, Sleuth Dog, Drago Wolf, Warlord Kodos, and Uma Arachnis. Joining the assemblage of villains under Snively's leadership, Simian confronted the Freedom Fighters again at Deer John's juice bar in Mobotropolis. The goal this time was the capture of Nate Morgan, a venture that proved much more successful than his previous encounters with the heroes. Covering for his allies' escape, Simian lobbed a grenade back at Sonic and the others, though did not stay to see whether the explosion that followed resulted in their demise. Sadly, his success was short-lived, as he and the rest of the future Destructix were defeated and captured by the Royal Secret Service under Geoffrey St. John. (StH: #62, #63, #69, #70)

In the Destructix[]

Following another escape from Devil's Gulag, Sergeant Simian and his teammates—which now included Sleuth and Drago—would take up residence in a factory that had once belonged to Dr. Ivo Robotnik, keeping Tommy Turtle as a convenient punching bag. Later, Sonic the Hedgehog infiltrated this factory to liberate his old friend Tommy, only to watch as the Destructix—though they were not yet called that—attempted to make a deal with Dr. Eggman to sell him the factory, which by rights he already owned. Simian and the others were then subjected to Roboticization, becoming Robians in service to Eggman. Due to Sleuth's apparently suicidal attempt to prevent his own transformation, it seemed briefly as though the Destructix had been destroyed, but they in fact survived and were de-Roboticized by the Bem. Later, robotic doubles of their Robian forms would attack Sonic as part of a ruse to get an Auto Automaton of Tommy Turtle into Knothole. When recovered by Eggman, these doubles contained video of the Destructix making a deal with "Anonymous", a mysterious being who would later turn out to be Eggman's computer virus son A.D.A.M.. (StH: #117, #135, #168)

Srg Simon02

Sgt. Simian with Knecapeon Mace on his shoulder, looking down at Wynmacher and Lara-Le

Once the Destructix were officially organized, all of its members set out to recapture Mammoth Mogul's Chaos Emerald in order to release him. Sergeant Simian engaged the Freedom Fighters and Chaotix yet again, but as usual was outclassed and outnumbered and so defeated. He and the others were taken to prison, only to be liberated when Mogul escaped from the Emerald himself, renewing his pledge of loyalty to the Mammoth. When Ixis Naugus arrived and challenged Mogul for the Crown of Acorns, Simian fought against his Arachne as well as the arriving Freedom Fighters and Chaotix. When Mogul and Naugus joined forces, the battle continued between only two sides, but then ended with the destruction of the Sword and Crown of Acorns and the capture of the villains by the Egg Fleet. Lynx and his compatriots were then teleported to the Egg Grape Chamber, where Mogul briefly protected them before lowering his shields and leaving them at Eggman's mercy. (StH: #162, #163, #164)

Luckily for the criminals, Dr. Finitevus arrived shortly thereafter with Scourge the Hedgehog and Rouge the Bat to liberate the Destructix. The doctor called upon them for their muscle, first requiring Simian and his teammates to play the part of reformed mercenaries by defending the helpless Echidnas of Angel Island from the Dingoes. The Sergeant himself saved Wynmacher from a killing blow at the last minute and earned the endearment of the Echidna's family, especially that of his toddler son Kneecaps. (StH: #162, #163, #164, #165, #171)


Sergeant Simian attacking Locke

Sergeant and his compatriots revealed their true colors soon enough by ambushing and capturing Knuckles the Echidna when he returned to Angel Island and handing him over to the Dark Legion. Following his brainwashing and transformation into Enerjak, the Destructix—now joined by Fiona Fox in place of Rouge—were set at watch over a device created by the Brotherhood of Guardians to destroy Enerjak in the event of his return. They were soon challenged by Sonic, Julie-Su, and Locke as they attempted to claim the device, only to be thwarted by Archimedes the Fire Ant and then have their mission rendered unnecessary by Sonic's destruction of the weapon. Unnerved by the ensuing battle between Enerjak and Super Sonic, Sergeant Simian and his allies left through one of Finitevus' Warp Rings, having decided to become full-fledged mercenaries. (StH: #181, #183, #184)

The group soon found themselves once again employed by Mammoth Mogul, who commissioned them to bring him Sonic's running shoes. After a brief fight with Sonic, Sally, and fellow mercenaries Bark the Polar Bear and Bean the Dynamite—whom Mogul had also hired but switched sides on Sally's offer of better payment—they captured Sonic and took him to Mogul's casino. They were all then defeated by Sonic, Sally, Amy Rose, and Geoffrey St. John, only for Rouge to pass the word to them that Mogul's plan all along had been to discredit Sonic by capturing him and then having him confront Mogul without evidence that Mogul had been involved. (StH: #187, #188)


Monkey Khan talks to Sgt. Simian

Later, Sergeant Simian was hired by Fiona Fox along with the rest of the original Fearsome Foursome (minus Lightning Lynx, who had left the group to rejoin the Raiju Clan) and left for the Dragon Kingdom to get their former comrade back. Once there, they got wind of Sonic, Tails, Sally, and Monkey Khan being in the area and ambushed Sonic and Tails after their meeting with the local Lord Yagyu of the Yagyu Clan. (SU: #14)

Once Sally and Khan showed up, Simian faced Khan, who tried to make peace with him by saying they were cousins (since they were a monkey and an ape in the same family), but all Simian could say was that they were no relation. Once the confrontation was resolved, Simian and his cohorts teamed up with Sonic's group to storm the Iron Fortress and confront the Raiju Clan. Before the operation, Simian laid out the entire plan to gain entry, and then worked with Sonic and Khan to break down the outer gate. After Lightning was defeated by Sonic in a battle and cruelly expelled from his clan once again, Simian pointed out he belonged with them, and the others welcomed him back before departing with Fiona. (SU: #15)



Simian gets a grip on Smalls.

Later, Simon and the Destructix cut a deal with Finitevus to gain access to the Cosmic Interstate. Once confronted by the Zone Cops, Simian began tossing squad cars with his bare hands as the team reacted with extreme violence on Fiona's orders. This was all to get themselves arrested and free Scourge from prison, but as Simian rescued him from Smalls' wrath, they discovered he was rude and weak. Simian and the team saved him once again from being executed by King Maxx, but by then he believed Scourge was a lost cause. The following day, Simian was approached by Scourge while lifting weights in the exercise yard, and after goading Scourge into asking him what he wanted, the Sergeant told him how he came into Mogul's service. Simian explained he wanted to work with the strongest, and would only help Scourge if he showed him and the prison his true strength, a condition to which the hedgehog eagerly agreed. (SU: #29, #30) Over the next few days, Simian waited as Scourge won the rest of the Destructix's loyalty and then made his move once their plan was enacted, escaping into a riot of released prisoners with his Control Collar deactivated. During the chaos, Simian had to reign in Scourge from getting carried away his vengeance so they could figure out how to escape.


Simian removes Al & Cal's collars.

Scourge then told Predator Hawk to bring Al & Cal to them, and had Simian break off their collars, releasing their destructive demigod forms much to his surprise. After Fiona revealed someone had stolen their gear, Simian went to the processing area with the others to find the thief while Scourge covered for them. They found King Maxx and Jeffrey St. Croix attempting to escape via their stolen Warp Ring, and Simian joined in viciously beating them before they could do so. Now back in uniform, Simian and the others escaped through the Warp Ring with Scourge before the F.O.E. Inhibitors could stop them. Arriving in Moebius' Grand Forest, Simon prepared to complete Finitevus' job, only to hear Scourge proclaim he now lead the Destructix, and the Sergeant would follow him. (SU: #31, #32)


Thanks to Mogul, Sergeant Simian possesses incredible superhuman strength, rivaling that of Mighty The Armadillo, Big The Cat, and Bark The Polar Bear, he has been shown capable of taking one of Sonic's spin dash attacks in the chest with little more than surprise. He also carries a small arsenal with him at all time, consisting of guns, grenades, and other such implements. An impressive tactician despite his brutish manner, he is also a dangerous hand-to-hand combatant which was supported by the fact that he was able to stop Sonic in his spin dash form with only one hand and slammed him (face-first) into the ground.



Simian breaking his control collar.

Volatile and animalistic, Sergeant Simian doesn't seem to care about anything but fighting and fulfilling the duties of his employer - whoever that might be at the time. He is blunt, focused and militaristic, though not especially refined and with no apparent sense of humor due. He appears to have once had a powerful loyalty to Mammoth Mogul, but it is possible that this is no longer the case given Mogul's abandonment of his minions. While a powerful force, he is careless in battle and often hit Drago Wolf by accident. He is tremendously loyal to his fellow Fearsome Foursome teammates, going into depression after Lightning Lynx departed the group and showing an obvious interest in getting him back. Simian also expressed a belief that Lightning was being used by his former clan, a theory that was apparently proved when the Bride of Conquering Storm ruthlessly banished Simian's old teammate, leading the Gorilla to comfort the defeated Lynx.



Sergeant Simian in his military attire.

Sergeant Simian is a large brown gorilla with blue eyes. He is heavily built and military themed; his typical attire includes green camouflage pants, heavy combat boots, a helmet and a bandolier slung over his right shoulder. He sometimes lacks the latter two pieces and was on at least one occasion depicted in an open green jacket. During his brief time as a Robian, his entire body became silvery metal.