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  • Flight
  • Energy constructs
  • Super strength
  • Time destruction

The Second Devourer is a destructive beast originating from the Genesis Portals who consumes countless worlds. It once attempted to consume Sonic's World 200 years in the future, but was warded off thanks to the efforts of Silver the Hedgehog.


The origin of the Second Devourer is unclear, however it has been encountered by other beings in the past. At some point, it inhabited and decimated the home of Gold the Tenrec, and was close to annihilating her before the psychic was sucked into a Genesis Portal. After some time, it found a way into the space between the Genesis Portals. (SU: #81)

Second Devourer

The Second Devourer appears.

In the distant future, Silver the Hedgehog and Professor Von Schlemmer confronted the Second Devourer during the opening of a Genesis Portal in Onyx City. Silver's psychokinetic abilities had a negative effect on the Second Devourer's power, which enabled them to weaken it and seal off the Genesis portal, eliminating the unknown threat for the time being. The two were later drawn into an operating Genesis portal conducted by the Onyx City Council and encountered the Second Devourer again where it attempted to engulf its would-be victims. The companions escape the angered entity again, however the Second Devourer managed to find a way out of the portal by following Silver and Von Schlemmer and into the Science Center in Onyx City. After it petrified the entire Council upon emergence, it proceeded on a rampage across the city. (SU: #80, #81)

As the Second Devourer continued causing havoc, the Genesis Portal it emerged from was growing and risked taking Onyx City with it. To solve the two disasters, Silver, Gold, and Von Schlemmer planned to send the Second Devourer back into the portal from which it came, preventing it from coming back. Using Von Schlemmer's enlargement machine, the trio grew Silver to a titanic size, increasing his psychokinetic power to combat the entity. The Second Devourer fought with Silver, though the Devourer's superior size proved to be overwhelming for the hedgehog. It soon gained the upper hand and temporarily pinned down Silver. However, with encouragement from Gold and Von Schlemmer, Silver repelled the Second Devourer and heaved it into the portal. Consumed by its fury, the Second Devourer still tried to escape the portal as Silver was beginning to shrink. With the last of his energy, Silver forced the portal shut, trapping the Second Devourer inside. (SU: #82)


Second Devourer Concept Designs

Concept designs of the Second Devourer.

Second Devourer Head Designs

Head designs of the Second Devourer.

The Second Devourer is composed of a purple energy aura, with a skeleton body and two enormous arms. Its head is similar to a skull bone that several cornified limbs go out from. The monster has two large arms connected to a rib cage in the middle, with an energy tail stemming from it's lower body, which holds several rocks inside. It has blue eyes with black cornea.


The Second Devourer is capable of flight and possesses incredible super strength. It leveled the side of a building with a mere swat with its hand, and can easily lift something as large as itself. It can also create energy constructs from its own mass, namely black tendrils to attack foes.

The Second Devourer can devour time through touch or with its mere presence, resulting in its victims and surroundings turning to stone.


The Second Devourer seems to be devoid of any personality, showing only a thirst for destruction and freezing time.

Background Information[]

  • The Second Devourer shares many similarities with the Time Eater from Sonic Generations.
    • Not only has the creature been referred as a "time-eating monster", but its name "Second Devourer" is similar to Time Eater's name. "Second" is a measurement of time and "devourer" has the same meaning as "eater" or "to consume".
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