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The subject of this article appeared before the Super Genesis Wave.
If you are looking for the prime version of Sasha, see Sasha Cat.
Sasha Cat

Sasha Cat on News 11.

Sasha Cat, in the possible future reality of Light Mobius, was an orphan who grew up to become anchor woman for News 11. She made a news report on Mobius's Five Years of Peace and discussed the happenings leading up to it, specifically talking about Shadow's global takeover and marriage to Queen Sally, how his reign was brought to an end by Sonic and Lara-Su, and how Sonic married Sally and had two children before saying that the people of Mobius were going to celebrate the five year anniversary of Sonic's coronation, all of which made her rather emotional. (SU: #5)


The older version of Sasha Cat is a drastic departure from her younger Mobius Prime self. While retaining black fur coloring, she closely resembles Blaze the Cat in appearance, whereas her younger self bore more of a resemblance to Hershey St. John. She has a beige-colored muzzle and inner ears, with purple eyelids-possibly the effect of makeup. All traces of the white fur that surrounded her eyes in her younger appearance have vanished, as has her white muzzle fur.

Sasha's wardrobe consists of a purple jacket over a lavendar turtleneck, with white gloves on her hands.

Background Information[]

  • Although SU #5 does not directly state so, writer Ian Flynn confirmed this to be the Light Mobius version of the orphan Sasha Cat, looked after by Rosie in the Prime Zone. (1)