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The subject of this article appeared before the Super Genesis Wave.

Salma the Chameleon
Biographical information
Physical description
  • Red striped sleeveless shirt
  • Purple pants
  • White gloves
  • Purple sneaker's
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Camouflage

Salma is one of two daughters of Espio the Chameleon known to have been in the Light Mobius universe. Espio's oldest daughter, she is the girlfriend of Lien-Da's son Rutan and is also close friends with Lara-Su, Sonia Acorn and Manik Acorn.


Unaltered Timeline[]

Rutan Salma

Salma and Rutan making out

On the night of Lara-Su's unveiling, Salma and Rutan were making out in Locke's Park when they overheard Knuckles and Rotor discussing an alliance between Angel Island and the Kingdom of Acorn. (StH: #133)

Later on, Lien-Da confronted them about what they had been doing that night. Dodging defensively, Salma claimed that she had been sleeping over at Lara-Su's. Later, she went to the sleep over that Lara-Su had with several other friends. When Sonia said she didn't trust her brother at all, Salma explained that even though she thought her sister Juanita was "annoying at times," she still got along with her for the most part. (StH: #134, #139)

Altered Timeline[]

Salma was one of those who remained after the timeline was altered and was still in a relationship with Rutan. In 3267, Salma had been attempting to contact Rutan for days, though the latter did not respond to her calls. (SU: #6)


Salma is in a romantic relationship with Rutan.

Background Information[]

  • Salma is one of the few characters who apparently existed in both versions of the Light Mobius future but has only appeared in one: the unaltered future. Her presence in the altered timeline has been restricted to a mention by Dimitri.