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In the Discovery Zone, Sally Acorn was a princess, who is also the leader of the resistance against her world's Dr. Robotnik.


In one bid to undermine Robotnik's evil, she infiltrated the Slippy Dippy Slide Factory and used her friend NICOLE to download files on all of Robotnik's operations. However, a group of his robots arrived, forcing her to make a hasty escape. Unfortunately, in the confusion, she accidentally left NICOLE behind, and was forced to approach Sonic the Hedgehog for help. Meeting Sonic in the Wharf Side Dance Hall, Sally gave him his mission without disclosing her true identity or what was in NICOLE. Sonic soon returned with the computer, but the arrival of Robotnik found the trio in trouble. As a result, Sally revealed her true identity to Sonic and explained how she had lost NICOLE. Sonic then used a Power Ring to rescue her from robot gunpoint and take off, seemingly leaving the building. In reality, he and Sally hid under a table, and then used a secret passage to escape to a nearby airfield. Sally appealed to Sonic to join her Freedom Fighters, and he accepted. It is unknown what occurred following this, as Sonic apparently returned to his own reality. (StH: #52)

Background Information[]

  • This version of Sally obviously parodies the various female leads in many old detective stories of the 30s era.


This version of Sally appears physically identical to her counterpart, the only real difference being wardrobe. This version of Sally is seen mostly in a black sleeveless dress. However, during the flashback to her infiltration of the slide factory, she is seen wearing a somewhat standard espionage outfit: a top that leaves only her head exposed, pants that sport a small hole for her tail, and a belt and carrying pack for NICOLE.