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Biographical information



Sally Acorn (ancestor)

Physical description
  • Black and orange body suit
  • Orange cape
  • Orange boots
  • Orange gloves
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Create and control over light.

Saleta is a possible future descendant of Sally Acorn and the leader of the Freedom Fighters of the Galaxy.



Saleta was born from Bluto, a planet with little exposure to sunlight. After Mobius was devastated by the War of the World, the surviving original Freedom Fighters left the planet to start life elsewhere. Saleta's ancestor, Sally, chose Bluto to repopulate, and Saleta's people learned to create and control light over the generations since then due to their home planet being so far from the sun, lending to her powers. However, the Shark came to Bluto at an earlier point in Saleta's life and slaughtered her people in a feeding frenzy, leaving Saleta as the only survivor. (StH: #103, #104)

Freedom Fighter of the Galaxy[]


Saleta's personality appears to be alot like Sally's as she is shown to be a strong and kind leader.


Saleta looks alot like Sally though her fur appears to be in a darker color. Her outfit consists of a black and orange body suit with connecting cape. Her light orange boots also appear to be a connecting part of her outfit though her light orange gloves are not.


Saleta has the ability to create and control light which she uses to genarate beams of light at her opponents and create disk of light which she uses as a form of travel as well as a means to escape an enemy's reach.

Background Information[]

  • Saleta's character is based on that of Aleta Ogord of Marvel Comics' Guardians of the Galaxy, upon which the Freedom Fighters of the Galaxy are based.

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