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The subject of this article appeared before the Super Genesis Wave.
You may be looking for Sabre from the Mobius Prime universe.
Sabre myxl

Sabre in Haven II

Sabre (Light Mobius) is the Light Mobius version of Sabre. He was unable to be present at his son's side when Locke was dying in the hospital. (StH: #143)

He was confined to a wheelchair and in a vegatative state, and was taken care of by his ancestors Spectre and Sojourner in Haven II. When Knuckles went to Haven II to find out some information, Sojourner explained that despite how long it had been since Knuckles' last visit, all that mattered was he was there now, and that he was sure Sabre would agree if he could talk. (StH: #134)

It is unknown when Sabre went into a vegetative state or what caused this condition. He may have been suffering from this as early as 3246, since Knuckles stated Sabre was unable to be there when his father was in the hospital.