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Sabre of the House of Edmund
Biographical information
  • Guardian of the Floating Island (formerly)


Physical description
  • Blue Tunic
  • Blue boots
  • Monacle
  • White spiked gloves
Political Alignment and Abilities

Sabre is a Mobian Echidna and the son of Athair; the only Guardian to have ever left his duties as Guardian. This decision of Athair's, coupled with the fact that he effectively abandoned his mother Janelle-Li in Sabre's eyes, led to a rift between the two that has not yet healed. Sabre is the nominal leader of the Brotherhood of Guardians during his grandson Knuckles tenure as Guardian. Sabre participated in a number of activities against the Dark Legion. Sabre along with the rest of the Brotherhood (except for Locke) were captured in a weakened state by Dr. Finitevus and studied before ending up imprisoned in the Twilight Zone.


Early Life[]


A young Sabre

Sabre was born to Athair and Crystal-La, his mother a member of the Lost Tribe of Echidnas. Until he was seven years of age, Sabre lived with the tribe, serving under his father. Eventually, the Ancient Walkers told Athair that his mother was dying. The young Sabre encouraged Athair to go to Janelle-Li and resume his mantle as Guardian. When Athair sadly refused, a digusted Sabre left for Angel Island and took on the Guardian role himself, becoming apprenticed to Archimedes, the same Fire Ant who would later train his son Locke and his grandson Knuckles. From this point on, Sabre refused to speak to his father, ashamed that he would not help his grandmother. (KtE: #11)

The Queen Alicia Incident[]


Sabre talking to Overlanders after discovering Queen Alicia

During the Great War, Queen Alicia was sent to Angel Island with her infant son Elias by King Max to avoid the risk of her being captured or killed as the Overlanders pushed closer and closer to Mobotropolis. Shortly before they arrived, a group of Overlander attack ships shot down her vessel. Sabre was put in charge of the mission to inspect the wreckage and search for survivors. The Brotherhood discovered the dying Queen and her son still alive, but before they could take them to safety the Overlanders arrived. Sabre managed to deceive the Overlanders into thinking everyone died in the crash. Due to the Echidnas non-involvement in the Great War and overall neutrality, the Overlanders took Sabre for his word and left. After they departed, Sabre and Thunderhawk removed the wreckage and buried the bodies of the deceased crew, while Sojourner and Spectre took the queen and prince to Haven where the queen was put in cryo-stasis until a cure could be found for her wounds. Sabre felt that Elias should be returned to his grieving father, but Sojourner pointed out that if the Overlanders learned the Brotherhood lied to them, they might draw them into the Great War, and so they kept Elias' survival a secret. Elias was raised until he was ten year old before being sent into the care of Colonel Sommersby at the Royal Compound. (KtE: #21)

Brotherhood Member During Knuckles' Time[]

Sabre and Locke intervened the most in events in Echidnaopolis and on Angel Island in general following the city's return to Mobius Prime. Their most radical action involved using their link with the Chaos Emeralds against Mammoth Mogul during his battle with Super Sonic, Hyper Knuckles, Turbo Tails, and their allies; this resulted in the creation of the Master Emerald. (StH: #56)

Shortly after this, Sabre worked with Locke to create a device which would neutralize Enerjak should he return. (StH: #183)

Sabre discussion

Sabre discussing with the other Brotherhood and Fire Ants about issues on the planet's surface

Some time later, Sabre led a discussion with the current Brotherhood members and the Fire Ant Council. Sabre brought up that after Robotnik's death his Sub-Bosses were attempting to take over the various fiefdoms, while the other populations on Mobius were simply trying to move on with their lives. Later, Sabre brought to the Brotherhood's attention Knuckles' unique experiences, pointing out that during Knuckles' time with the Lost Tribe of Echidnas he learned to call upon abilities he'd not fully matured into. While Sojourner and Thunderhawk dismissed the matter, stating everyone goes through adolescence and just because it's harder for some does not mean its of concern. Spectre interrupted them however, informing the Brotherhood that this was much more serious. (KtE: #16)

Days later during the winter storm brought on by the most recent Day of Fury, Sabre went to check up on Locke, who was monitoring the weather situation. When Locke brought up on the monitors Geoffrey St. John and the Royal Secret Service agents, Sabre stated their presence on the island was cause for concern. Minutes later when Locke found his ex-wife Lara-Le to have crashed a shuttle and left to go rescue her, Sabre took over at the computers and called for help from Constable Remington. Later when "Tobor" came in to check up on Locke, Sabre explained where Locke had gone. (KtE: #19)

Brotherhood Knuckles02

Sabre with the Brotherhood trying to explain to Knuckles why they kept him in the dark about his history for so long

When Knuckles ended up in Haven, Sabre disagreed with his ancestors Sojourner and his son Thunderhawk, suggesting they allow Knuckles to come to his senses and explain to him all about Haven. Spectre agreed with Sabre and the group allowed Knuckles to come to and learn the secrets of Haven. Sabre introduced Knuckles to himself, Thunderhawk, Sojourner, Spectre and Tobor (who was actually being impersonated by Moritori Rex). After Knuckles exposed Moritori, Sabre and the others sat down and began explaining everything to Knuckles. While Knuckles was originally furious for being kept in the dark so long, Sabre managed to explain that they were simply trying to protect him. He went on to explain a bit about Locke, such as his fixation with history. Before Sabre could explain everything about the Brotherhood, Knuckles and Archimedes teleported away to deal with a Dingo uprising. (KtE: #21, #22)

The following day, Sabre, Thunderhawk and Sojourner watched as Benedict made his speech as a political rally. When Sojourner pointed out that the Brotherhood were hypocrites for using excessive technology despite the ban place on it hundreds of years ago, Sabre argued that they did so only to allow an even playing field with the Dark Legion, and that their forefathers never meant to suppress technology forever. Thunderhawk stepped in shortly after, but before the debate could finish, a group of Dark Legion troops managed to break into Haven as Moritori Rex had sabotaged its defences. Sabre was tranquilized along with Sojourner and Thunderhawk and taken prisoner. When the three awoke and Sojourner explained that it was likely Moritori Rex' betrayal that allowed the Dark Legion to break into Haven, Sabre added "treachery seems to be a virtue among their kind". Not long afterwards, the three were rescued by Spectre and Locke. (KtE: #23, #24)

Some time later, Sabre would join the rest of the Brotherhood in fighting the Dark Legion, notably following his ancestor Mathias and the others in attacking the Dark Legion at the Grand Conservatory. Sabre, along with the others, was transported to the Twilight Zone by the Quantum Beam and later returned home by Knuckles to find Haven in ruins. Sabre helped to establish Haven II and was there along with Locke and Thunderhawk when it was contacted by Mammoth Mogul revealing he now held the dying Dimitri hostage. Following Knuckles' death at the hands of Mammoth Mogul, Sabre attended his grandson's funeral along with the rest of the Brotherhood members. (StH: #107, #116, #121, SSS: #14)

Days after this, Sabre and Locke coordinated with King Max on how to deal with the threat of the Xorda. It was at this time that the group informed the Kingdom of Acorn regarding Knuckles' death; oddly, they were also among the few groups to take no part in the final battle against the Xorda. (StH: #124, #125)


A weakened Sabre being studied by Dr. Finitevus

Last Stand and Capture[]

Some time during Sonic's absence from Mobius, Sabre and the other members of the Brotherhood defended the Master Emerald from Dr. Eggman's armies. Although they successfully held off the attack, they fell helpless into the clutches of Dr. Finitevus in their weakened state. Sabre, along with the rest of the Brotherhood (except Locke) and Moritori Rex were then studied by Dr. Finitevus. When he learned all he could, he disposed of Sabre and the others into the Twilight Zone. (StH: #139, #183)


Unlike Sojourner, Sabre had a more liberal and modern mentality when it came to the Brotherhood's policies. When his grandson Knuckles stumbled upon Haven, Sabre was opposed to Sojourner and Thunderhawk's proposal to send Knuckles back to the Sandopolis Zone before he came to his senses, believing fate had simply taken its course. Additionally, he felt that the Brotherhood members were not hypocrites for using excessive technology despite their society's ban on it. Instead, Sabre saw it as "the means to allow a level playing field" with the Dark Legion, whose technological level was on par with Dr. Ivo Robotnik's. (KtE: #21, #23)

Despite his more liberal views (likely a result of having been raised by Athair and living amongst the Lost Tribe in his formative years), Sabre was still pragmatic. Due to the Kingdom of Knothole's unwillingness to use every means at their disposal in the war against Robo-Robotnik, he declined a formal alliance proposed by Sally Acorn, as it would have dragged the Brotherhood into the conflict and hampered their ability to wage an effective war. He was also concerned about the people Knuckles kept close to him. (KtE: #27, #29)

Background Information[]

  • Sabre's early appearances in KtE #4 and StH #56 depicted him as a very old man with red fur, but by KtE #16 he appeared much younger and with brown fur.


Sabre is an echidna of average height and build with brown fur, wearing an open chested, blue tunic. Despite it looking like an implant or glass eye, Sabre is just wearing a monacle (as was stated in the letters page of KtE #32). He wears spiked gloves (like most Guardians) and blue boots. He is often coloured red rather than brown, and in his earlier depictions appeared much older, with heavy wrinkles upon his forehead. He often sports white stripes on his dreadlocks and, occasionally, upper arms. He also has bushy white eyebrows.