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Rutan of the House of Dimitri
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  • Grey vest
  • Blue boots with grey toes
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Rutan is an Echidna, and son of Lien-Da and the cousin to Lara-Su. Generally a trouble maker and showing enjoyment at poking fun at the Guardians, Rutan was forced to live under the strict parenthood of his mother, though from time to time his great ancestor Dimitri will step in to stand up for him. After the alterations to the timeline, Rutan lost contact with his mother when she was made an outlaw, but continued to live with Dimitri.


Unaltered Timeline[]

During a class on the politics of Echidnaopolis, Rutan inquired as to the status of the Guardians, poking fun at Lara-Su when the professor informed him of the Guardian's special status in society. In response, Lara-Su smacked Rutan over the head with a text book, bruising him. When he returned home, his mother inquired as to the injury, though Rutan refused to divulge how he had obtained it. (StH: #131)


Rutan bearing the brunt of his mother's fiery response to him being out past curfew with Salma.

Some time later, Rutan took Salma, the daughter of Espio the Chameleon to Locke's Park where the two could make out in private. However, Rutan briefly overhead a part of the conversation between Knuckles and Emissary Rotor about the dimension’s deterioration. When Knuckles discovered the two with his cybernetic eye, Rutan took Salma and ran off, returning to his home. (StH: #133, #134)

After taking Salma home, Lien-Da confronted her son about where they truly were that night, as she could tell they'd lied when saying they went to stay with friends. Although his mother's interrogation was briefly delayed by Dimitri when he stepped in, eventually she managed to force Rutan to admit he was making out with Salma at the park. However, he quickly divulged what he'd learned from the conversation between Knuckles and Rotor, causing his mother to forgive him. (StH: #135)

Altered Timeline[]

After the timeline was altered and reality saved by King Sonic, Rutan still existed. Forced to remain confined to his house like his ancestor Dimitri, Rutan listened with unease as his mother explained how Enforcer Knuckles arrested Lara-Su, Tails and Sonic. (StH: #167)


Lara-Su and Rutan argue.

After King Shadow had fallen, Lien-Da was forced into hiding, leaving Rutan under the care of his ancestor Dimitri and causing his relationship with Salma to become somewhat rocky. Lien-Da sought revenge on those she viewed as responsible for him being taken away from her, namely Lara-Su, King Sonic, Queen Sally, Knuckles, and Julie-Su. (SU: #5, #6)

Lara-Su later showed up right at Rutan's door and demanded to know where Lien-Da was, but he denied having any contact with her for five years, and became angry when Lara persisted until Dimitri stopped the arguing. Dimitri suggested that he contact Salma, but Rutan blew him off, prompting Dimitri to worry that the old cycle of the Dark Legion would repeat itself. (SU: #6)

It is unknown if Rutan still exists after King Shadow ripped off Lien-Da's spatial armband.


Rutan is generally a troublemaker, and as such hates living at home due to his mother's ever watchful eyes. He doesn't get along well with Lara-Su, though he showed concern in the altered timeline when his mother revealed she had been arrested. He seems to have gained feelings of anger toward his mother after she left him after King Shadow was dethroned, as well as towards Lara-Su and the others responsible for her flight.

Rutan Salma

Rutan and Salma making out


Before the timeline was altered, Rutan had a secret relationship with Salma, which was later discovered by his mother. The two are apparently still involved in the altered timeline, but were for a time estranged.

Background information[]

  • Many fans believe that Doctor Finitevus may be Rutan's father due to the white tips of Rutan's dreadlocks.
  • Rutan shares his name with an alien race from the original Doctor Who television series.


Rutan is a mostly red-furred Echidna with white tips on his dreadlocks and purple eyes. He also has a curious pattern of black marks on his forehead and between his eyes. His attire consists of a gray vest with three straps across his chest, white gloves with gray cuffs, and gray boots.

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  1. Possibly Finitevus; there is no official answer on who Rutan's father is (39:25)