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Rudyard is a Mobian polar bear and a friend of Sonic the Hedgehog and Miles "Tails" Prower. At some point in time he was roboticized. (SSS: #2)

As a Robian, Rudyard had his free will restored by Sir Charles Hedgehog and began working with him, Jules and Bernadette Hedgehog in an underground resistance in the underground sewers of Robotropolis. After the demise of Dr. Ivo Robotnik, Rudyard emerged from hiding with the rest of Robotropolis' Robian population, who all had their free will restore from the blast of the Ultimate Annihilator. He rescued Arlo after debris had fallen on the armadillo. Following this, Rudyard told Princess Sally that he didn't feel the Robians and Mobians could peacefully co-exist, a sentiment shared by many other Robians due to the distrust and fear of many Mobians. Rudyard and the rest of the Robians later relocated to Knothole Village. (StH: #54, #79, SSS: #2)

Background Information

  • Given Sonic's statement in SSS #2, Rudyard was likely roboticized in 3235 but before Sir Charles regained his free will.
  • Presumably Rudyard was de-roboticized along with the rest of the robians by the Bem.
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